Friday, January 6, 2012

Such a Beautiful Day

Today was absolutely amazing! Nothing overly fantastic happened, it was just a great day!! Last night I went to bed late because I had an eventful afternoon and had a lot of homework. Ari had 200 pages to read for her class so we stayed up late doing homework. I decided to sleep in a bit so I skipped my sunrise run. I got 100% on my spanish quiz which was a pleasant surprise and we got out of class early! As soon as I left class, I ran into 3 people I haven't seen yet since being back but was so excited to see them! I went to lunch with my dear friend Haley and saw a few more people I haven't seen yet! It was so great:) Because I was exhausted from going to bed later and later every night this week, I decided after lunch I was going to take a nap. I went up to the sundeck and slept for TWO HOURS!! Ahhh so nice:) Later in the afternoon I went to the gym and dinner in the caf. Melissa came over for leftovers and we were able to chat and share in life which was so nice because I haven't seen her all week! When she left I started watching the show Once Upon a Time. People keep telling me I need to watch it so I thought I'd check it out. It's interesting and I can't decide what I think about it. I've watched two episodes.
Today was just a great day and I'm going to play a little guitar and read ideal Friday night! God is so good. On this day of Epiphany, 3 Kings Day, I am reminded of all the gifts that I have been given because of that little child that was born so humbly into our world 2,000 years ago. I am blessed each morning as I rise to my feet and go for a run to see God paint the sky and fill our day with sunshine and make the white moon reflect the sun each night. I am blessed to have the opportunity to attend such a prestigious school and to be getting such a good education. I am beyond blessed and thankful for my family and grateful for the friends God has brought into my life.

Tired and beyond blessed,

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