Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Spanish is Taking Over My Life

This morning I woke up with Spanish in my head. I think I had dreams in Spanish. I keep thinking in Spanish. This is only day 2. Oh my imagine what it will be like by the end of next week! I guess that's what I get for trying to learn basic Spanish in a 3 week crash course. Rosetta Stone please? 11 days left! That's not very much at all:) Today was a pretty good day. I got up and ran again. Ahhh loved it. I started with jumping jacks, burpees, situps, and pushups in my room then went to the track. The sunrise was BEAUTIFUL this morning. I love how God paints the sky each morning, just because He loves us:) Class was class. I think I did well on my quiz. I felt confident. I think I studied and worked on Spanish for a total of 6 hours last night..if not more, so all that paid off. The rest of my day was good too. My friends Hannah and Andrew from camp came to visit for a bit. 'Twas delightful! When they left I walked to the store with Sarah to buy stuff to make for dinner. We made pasta bake in the Hope kitchen. It was good! I have been and will be working on homework the rest of the night. I have another quiz in the morning! But as soon as I get out of class Stephanie is picking me up to go with her to try on wedding dresses!! SO excited for her! I hope class flies by tomorrow morning!

Being taken over by espanol,

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