Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Little Catch Up!

I had a wonderful weekend! I relaxed, hung out, worked out, went out, etc..you know all the usual things a college student should do on a 3-day weekend. Saturday morning I didn't sleep in as much as I wanted too but woke up anyway to do an Insanity DVD with Ari. Then we went to lunch and the library all afternoon. For dinner we went to Chipotle..for the third that week for me! That night she had duty so we watched a documentary and hung out with Torrey! {She's my neighbor from last year, just graduated, and got engaged! We had lots to catch up on!} Sunday morning we attended Spanish church. You can read all about that adventure here. Sunday afternoon we did lots of homework too...err attempted to. Until last night our hw sessions were mostly unproductive! hehe Sunday night we had every intention of working hard and getting to bed early..well that was until we got to talking and sharing in life and so on and so on. It was such a great evening of hearing stories of each other's pasts and dreaming of the future. Needless to say, not much homework was done..and we went to bed later than anticipated. But thanks to the wonderful Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. we didn't have school yesterday! Ari spent the night on Sunday and we woke up to do Insanity in my room..we had to do a bit of furniture rearranging! When we finished she went about her day doing homework and catching up with friends and I headed to Balboa with some friends for the afternoon. We walked around Balboa talking about crafts and walking in and out of stores with no intention of buying anything. haha we headed to Fashion Island afterwards and walked around window shopping. We ended up at Barnes and Nobles and sat and read for an HOUR! Ahhh delightful:) Right now I'm reading The Help. My friend let me borrow her Kindle to read it. So cool! I think I want an e-reader now. haha.
This morning I got up and went running. I did 3.5 miles no problem. I'm working my way back up to farther and farther distances. I'm kind of feeling it in my legs but it's the good "I worked hard" pain:) {Only the best!} Class went by quickly today and we got to go to chapel and didn't have a quiz..because we ran out of time which means just vocab tomorrow morning! EASY! I walked to the store this afternoon to buy some stuff for a black bean soup recipe I found online. It was yummy! It had beans, salsa, vegetable broth, onions, jalapeƱos, bell pepper and cilantro. It was a tad spicy but so good! We made guacamole and had blue corn tortilla chips with it {my new favorite!} I got to use my new crockpot and it was so fun! I have finished my homework for the night and plan on reading for the remainder of the evening:) I'm so excited to be done in 3 days and go home on Saturday! 

Oh and I got a great bit of news this morning...my mom was nominated as TEACHER OF THE YEAR this year!!! No surprise there:) She's teacher of the century in my book! Every aspiring teacher should strive to be like her..loving on, teaching, and inspiring students all the time! Lucky for me I've had personal training since I was five! Love you mom:)

SO proud of my mama,

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