Thursday, January 12, 2012

Morning Person?

Well it's Thursday and I only have ONE day of class left this week!! PTL. It has been a long week. I didn't do too well on two quizzes this week and have a big test tomorrow:/ Besides school, things have been pretty great though! My friend Hannah Boleman from camp, who goes to Cal Lutheran, came to visit yesterday! She is so sweet and it was so great to catch up and talk with her!! She was so kind and made me gluten free brownies. So nice of her! Yesterday afternoon I hit the library for a few hours and got a little bit done but not much:/ Fortunately I didn't have to stay up too late. 
I've been getting up to go running and hit the gym still..that early morning alarm is getting more annoying by the day! Thankfully I don't get up early on Fridays so I get to sleep in until 7am tomorrow! that sleeping in? Ahhh I've been trying to force myself to be a morning person for months, and although I enjoy being up early, it's still so hard to get out of bed and go outside before the sun is up!
Besides the content of class getting harder, I am enjoying my Spanish class. The people in my class are starting to get more comfortable around each other and we actually act like we know each other now..not just awkward, miserable students. Today we had a nice surprise! Our professors let us go to chapel!! Goodness I miss chapel! It was great to get to take an hour out of class to do that:) After a quick lunch I spent a few hours at work in the office..not sure if I'm ready to be back yet. But enjoying being here nonetheless!
Tonight Sarah is making dinner and we are going to see Hello Dolly. Biola Youth Theatre is putting it on and I'm so excited to see my friends Taylor and Caraline Dirks in the show! It will be a late night of studying! Oh my!

Trying to be a morning person,

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