Monday, January 9, 2012

A Splendid Weekend!

This weekend was so great I just didn't have time to blog..(sorry dad). It started Saturday morning with running and working out. The track was pretty busy and had lots of people so I went to the completely empty parking garage! Ahhh so great! I had a nice little workout five stories up at the top of the parking structure and listened to my worship music under the blue sky. I loved it! Then Julia and I met up and walked the track for a hour and a half. We had time to catch up and dream about this new year all while experiencing the beautiful weather of La Mirada! 'Twas delightful! I had a fairly productive afternoon of getting miscellaneous things done..just not homework! I headed to Thompson for din din with Julia and we made chicken, rice, and vegetables. So good! After hanging out with her for a bit I went to Hope to watch movies with Ari while she was on duty. We watched What Happens in Vegas and 50 First Dates. They were cute.
Last night I got a beautiful 8 hours of sleep and woke up feeling rested and ready for the day. I went to church with Brittany and Ari and then to Chipotle for lunch and a little shopping at Target. We wandered about the entire store! This afternoon we did homework and I was able to finish all my assignments for Spanish! Tonight Ari and I went and saw Footloose at the dollar theater. SO GOOD. I loved it! I was worried about falling asleep in a late movie but it was so good I just couldn't! I recommend it if you're into all that dancin' and stuff. I had a great weekend. I really love this Interterm thing! No work. One class. Lots of free time. Ahhhh. Well I have a test in the am over 150 vocab words and lots of verb conjugations to know by tomorrow morning so I best be gettin to my studyin.

Cramming info in at the last minute,

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