Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Break in Oregon!

I have been so blessed with the chance to get away and relax and spend some time in Oregon for Spring Break this year:) My friends Sarah and Matt live near Portland and Sarah grew up in small town called Sisters before moving to the Portland area in high school. Sarah, Matt, Melissa, Tyler and I all became friends at work. We love to spend time together and Sarah wanted us to visit her home in Oregon. We flew up on Tuesday afternoon and I stayed with Sarah and Tyler stayed with Matt on Tuesday night before meeting up with Melissa and heading to Sisters on Wednesday. Here a few pictures of our adventures thus far!
Sarah and Matt picked us up at the airport like this! They are so funny!

When we first arrived we went to downtown Portland to walk around a little bit and actually ran into a friend from school! She said we had to go to Voodoo Donut because it was one of those things you "had to experience" while in Portland. We hmmmed and haaaaed and decided we would go. When we got there we though we should get crazy donuts for the heck of it so we got a cookies and cream, rice krispies with chocolate and peanut butter, and banana fritter with chocolate chips and penut butter. It was interesting to say the least and we all decided we would never go back there. 

Menchie's is a froyo place that we love in CA and they just opened one up by Matt's house!

On Wednesday we stopped at the Woodburn Tulip Farm and saw a beautiful field of flowers! 

It was muddy and cold but gorgeous!

This is Sarah's house in Sisters, OR. The five of us have the whole house to ourselves! It's a huge house in the middle of nowhere in a little town with no street lights and an amazing coffee place:)

Our first night in Sisters we made tacos and a huge batch of guacamole! Tyler said it was somewhat like Chipotle's..what an honor! We love cooking together and listening to music and doing dishes and hanging out in the kitchen:)

After dinner we watched a movie and made cookies. These are some of my favorite (not homemade by my mom) cookies;)

This morning when I woke up I sat in the sun room and looked out in the yard and had a BEAUTIFUL view of the trees and snow on the mountains! What a great way to start my day:)

Tyler spent three hours in the kitchen making HOMEMADE chicken pot pie! Dough and everything. They were amazing:) and so cute!

Sarah says that Sno Cap has the best milkshakes ever! We got one to share..vanilla is her favorite flavor. I thought it was great! They were super thick:)

Tyler made homemade tortilla chips and we put cinnamon and sugar on them and drizzled chocolate syrup on them! Matt and I were the only ones that really liked them. Tyler and Sarah liked the salted ones better.

Tyler tonight was interesting. Sarah wanted mac n cheese, I wanted rice, Tyler made chips, Matt BBQed chicken. It was kind of random but so good!

After we cleaned up dinner we watched Princess Diaries! One of our old school favorite:)

Feelin relaxed and refreshed,