Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Obsession: Tumblr

So I have this other blog where I post about all my obsessions. You should check it out and look at it frequently as posts get there more often than here. I will still continue to post here about Biola happenings but the other blog is quick tidbits of my obsessions as the days go by:)


PB & J's

Oh. My. Lanta. I am falling in love with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches more and more every minute of every day!!! Usually on Mondays and Wednesdays I don't have time to eat dinner because I get out of class at 5:45 and then have class again at 6 until 9. So I make myself a little sandwich to go and eat it while I run to class or study for the upcoming quiz. Well lately the caf has been having GRAPE jelly..only the best kind!..and I am just REALLLLLLLLLY enjoying my pb&j's..on toasted bread of course because gluten-free bread cannot be eaten straight out of the bag..it's just kinda gross. WELLLLLLLLL tonight I tried a new thing! I put my pb&j in the panini maker and BAAAAAAAAM a beautiful, even deeper, love and appreciation was created for that warm, yummy delight that brings such joy to my stomach and for that wonderful panini maker! Man that thing works wonders:)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Ipod Revived!

My ipod has been raised from the dead! After putting it through the washing machine I put it in a bag of rice as soon as I could. I pulled it out a day later and the computer recognized it but the screen wouldn't work..which would have made the entire thing not work because the whole thing is touch screen. I thought I would put it back in the rice until the end of the week when I had more time to deal with it and I just pulled it out and it worked!!!  I am very excited:)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bio Test

I am not a fan of Bio..lab or lecture. The lab is just long and confusing on Wednesday nights and hard to get through..not to mention we have a test every week! She claims it is a quiz but it has 30 questions..it's a test. If you have to study longer than an hour, it is a test. The labs are kinda weird looking at plants and slides..so much fun! NOT. The only thing I really like about is it is mostly Elementary Ed people and we all dislike it together. Despite my lack of affection towards the subject, I am trying to have an open mind and look at it as a privilege to study about how cool God's Creation is:)
I had my first bio lecture test this morning. Let me tell you about my lecture class. First of all, my teacher is a STUD. She drives two hours to teach at Biola and is a black belt! She's so cool. She is super knowledgable about biology too. She teaches other science classes. She's really smart. A lot of people(and a good amount of my friends!) are in that class. We have it Tuesdays and Thursday at 8:30am. She moves through the material really fast and it is kind of hard to keep up. We covered 5 chapters in 4 class periods. I was super worried about our test this morning because there was so much material! We had to know all the parts of the cell and their functions, all about meiosis and mitosis, atoms, covalent bonds, etc etc. I did the study guide on Monday afternoon but didn't really start studying until late last night. I stayed up until 3:30am and then got up at 7:00 to keep studying. I was over in Hope studying with Rebecca and when it got too late I decided to just spend the night in her room and go to class in the morning. When I got up this morning I went to Commons to keep studying. I was exhausted and planned on going to bed after the test.
So the clock had struck 8:30...8:35...8:44...still no professor. She finally walked in at 8:45, we took the test and viola! we were done. The test was super easy and I feel like I did really well on it:) I planned on finishing and going back to bed but I am no longer tired and kind of hyper because I feel so good about my test! My 12:00 class is cancelled so I am going to spend the morning working on Senator stuff and catching up on things I haven't had time to do yet.

Monday, September 5, 2011


This afternoon I did laundry when I got home from Big Bear. It was raining this morning when we left the mountains so I was wearing a sweatshirts and jeans. When I got back to school it was really hot and I had to go to the bathroom really bad so I took my sweatshirt off real quick, threw it in a pile of laundry and ran to the bathroom. After sorting all my laundry from last week and the weekend, i put my first load in. When it was done I went to switch it and the first thing I pull out is my IPOD! Little did I know my ipod was still in the pocket of my sweatshirt from the car ride back! I haven't even had my new ipod a month yet. I stopped everything I was doing and walking to the grocery store to buy a bag of rice. Hopefully putting it in a bag of rice will fix it..if not I may cry. When I got back I went to finish my second load and pull my darks out of the dryer and some of my clothes had shrunk! I thought to myself "This is not happening!" Next, I put my second load in the dryer and go back to get my load out later and my entire load is wet because the dryer door had opened! Gosh really! So I had to pay for an extra load in the dryer. Today was just not my day for laundry.

AS Retreat

I spent this last weekend in the mountains at Big Bear Lake with AS. I LOVE THE PEOPLE IN AS!! They are so fun to be around and such wonderful people! Our entire staff stayed at a cabin for 3 nights to finish our training and to bond before the year really gets underway. The house we were staying at was right on the lake and had a private dock. It was beautiful! Seeing the boats and the water made me miss home, my family, and going to Lake Havasu as kid! There were 36 of us total and we had so much fun! We made meals together, finger painted, and went hiking! I think the hiking was my favorite part. This hike was different than any hike I've ever been on because we were climbing all over rocks to get to the top. There was trail that we took but we eventually got to a point where the only way to  keep going was to climbing up the HUGE rocks. It was sooooo cool! When we did reach the top we could see the entire lake and it was so beautiful:) I really enjoyed the hike! Some people went swimming in the lake..I did not but I did enjoy looking at the water. The mountains were so pretty this weekend! We got back this morning and I've been doing homework all afternoon. It's been a quiet, peaceful day:)