Friday, December 7, 2012

What Happened?

Countless times throughout this semester since September 23, my dad has reminded me that it is not the first day of fall anymore and I must update my blog. I told him I know and that I was too busy to post. Then every time I thought about sitting down to write a post, there was so much to write about it would either be the longest post in the world or too many things would be missed. So now, that I have finals coming up and only two weeks left, I've decided to sit down and write. Write what the heck has been happening this semester. So the following posts are about what I was doing this semester from retreats, fun with friends, the things I've learned and everything in between.

Shouldn't have taken all this time to blog but glad I did,

Other Random Things From This Semester

Aside from GYRAD and my retreats, I have gotten to do so many wonderful things with my friends! I have been so blessed by the people the Lord has surrounded me by:)
Took a quick, spontaneous trip to the beach with these lovelies!

Ari turned 22 this month and we celebrated by going to lunch at BJ's, out for Sushi for dinner, Biola Tree Lighting, going to see Pitch Perfect at the Dollar Theater and making cookies:) 

Went to Anaheim to work the Middle School Youth Gathering and ran into Bree when we were at Disneyland!

For our RD's birthday we snuck into her apartment and decorated it!

Birthday Bandits for the win!

I found a huge spider in my room. Thank goodness Kevin came and saved my life!

My roommate got ENGAGED!

Went and saw Cirque du Solei and got front row seats for $25!

The Sigma staff came over to my house for dinner one night! Mom made ham and green beans, and cheese potatoes:) Delish!

This semester I've had a lot of chips and guacamole with this girl. Guac is our fave!

For an early birthday present for Ari, we went to see Carrie Underwood in concert!

The concert was so good!

This is from our Fall Fiesta All-Hall. This girl is a hoot!

We had our Christmas All-Hall in Sigma and it went great! Lindsay and I baked almost 200 sugar cookies and made homemade frosting for cookie decorating!

Enjoying this semester,

Hiking GYRAD

This semester for our floor's GYRAD, we went on a hike in Whittier and then went to Grace's house for a BBQ and Minute to Win It games! It was so much fun! 'Twas such an adventure!

The floor partner and I

I went with my friend Charlie!

The gang hiking up the hill

The whole group

Ping pong in the front yard at the Berdings

Chillin in the backyard

Waiting for dinner

Ethan BBQ'd hotdogs for us!

Watching Minute To Win It games

The competitions were so fun!

Then my camera got stolen by these crazies

We ended the night with s'mores!

Love hanging with my floor,

Floor Retreat 2012

I love the girls on my floor! In October we had the chance to go to Norco to stay at the Parker's house for a night. The house was perfect and the girls loved the pool and the yard! We swam and watched movies, and cooked, and baked, and played Apple Schmear. It's a game that the family plays on the movie Cheaper By The Dozen so we made our own version of it and played in the front yard! It was so fun!!! I think Floor Retreat is one of my favorite things about RA so far:) Here's some pics from our weekend:

Snacks by the pool

Enjoying the sun!

Love these girls!

Apple Schmear team!

Team in the outfield

Played the game "Uffda" Style

We got fruit from the caf to play this super great game! It's a new fave of mine:)

Waiting for dinner

Mom and dad came to help make dinner

Hangin outside

Dessert time!

Slumber party status!

Hot tubbin and worship!


My car on the drive home! We listened to T-Swift the whole time:)

It was such a blast and we were so thankful to the Parker's who opened their home to us for our retreat!

So blessed by my floor,


At the end of September, my RA staff and I got to head up to Yosemite for the weekend and hang out as a staff:) It was such a great trip! We had a blast an drove over 600 miles in 48 hours! We hiked for an entire day, talked a lot, enjoyed good food, and great company. Bree's family, the Swobe's, were so kind as to open their home to us for the weekend for us to stay at. They were so hospitable and I absolutely loved them! Here are some pictures from our trip!

Mom and dad let me borrow the "Burb" for our little road trip!

The whole staff at the top of the waterfall!

The first waterfall we hiked to

Lunch with Lindsay and Kendra

Swimming at the Swobe's after a day at Yosemite

So thankful for and blessed by this girl:):):)

The girls!

The whole staff

Breakfast at the Swobe's before we left to head back to school!

Missing Yosemite and wanting to go back,