Friday, January 13, 2012

100th Post!

Crazy to think about, but this is the 100th post of my blog. September 2010 I started a blog to document my favorite magical moments in college called Magical Biola Moments. It's funny to read my first post. haha. Over the summer I started a new blog called Cabins, Campfires, and Christ to post about my adventures as a first-year camp counselor. (Follow me there this summer!)
At the beginning of 2012 I renamed this blog These Are the Days. While I am still experiencing many magical moments during my time here at Biola and loving everything that I'm doing and involved in, I decided that These Are the Days where I am growing, learning, loving, and changing into the person God has created me to be. He has me in a specific season and is teaching so much of who He is and opening my eyes to His love more and more each day.
The last 24 hours have been interesting for me. Last night Sarah, Matt, Tyler, and I went to see Hello Dolly. So wonderful! Taylor and Caraline were amazing! When I got back last night, around 11pm and sat down to do my homework at 11:30, I realized I had 10 Spanish assignments due by 11:59!! Needless to say, I began to freak out. I thought there's no way this can get done. Then I convinced myself it could happen. Totally doable. NOT WHEN MY INTERNET GOES OUT FOR 30 MINUTES!!! Goodness. It was a very late(uhhh early?!) night for me. When I finished my assignments at 1am, knowing I was probably not going to get credit for them, I then had to study for a big test. I studied my flashcards while trying not to fall asleep. It was difficult but I finally finished at 2:30. I went to bed, slept like a rock, and got up at 7am. So nice to sleep in:) I didn't get up to run this morning and I find the days I don't get up and workout first thing, my days are just a little off. So I had accepted the fact that I wasn't getting credit for majority of my work that was done after midnight but I was confident that I would do well on my quiz this morning after a little studying and breakfast before heading to class. I get to class and go to take my test and look at it and realized that I forgot to do part of my homework last night so couldn't do part of the test! Gah I hadn't even started and I was already stressed and felt like I was set up to fail.  And all the verb conjugations my professor told us to know, I knew..but that didn't help because it wasn't even on the test! Just my luck. I prayed and prayed and asked God why two not so good things that are going to affect my grade were happening..right after each other. I was thinking it's Friday the 13th and mehafhdfnerbfver!!! I don't believe in that craziness but goodness! I didn't know what to think or say or do. At break I went for a walk and sat and prayed. I was reminded that my identity is not found in my performance in school and my life is defined by my grades. Thankfully, we got out of class over an hour early today! Such a relief. If I had to sit in my classroom for 4 hours I would have been boiling. Sitting outside reading, soaking up the sun and enjoying God's beautiful creation was so relaxing. I finished my book today! It was so great!!!! Ahhhh I loved it. Everyone needs to read Redeeming Love. What a beautiful story of God's grace, love, and forgiveness to us:) I have kind of a lot of homework this 3-day weekend and hopefully I'll be going to the beach Monday! 4 more days of class. I can do this. I got this. The end is in sight!

Still loving blogs 100 posts later,

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