Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm DONE!!!

So happy to say I'm done with Interterm! Spanish in 3 weeks was insane..glad I did it and got it over with, but still a tad crazy! I only had two late nights where I went to bed at 2:30am the whole three weeks! What a record! Towards the end it was kind of hard to stay focused and motivated on my work but I managed! 
On Thursday, Victoria took us out to lunch for work to talk about the upcoming events for the semester..ahh it's going to be CRAZY! We went to's kind of our tradition to start the semester off with sushi for lunch:) Thursday evening I attended an IRIS session because they were watching How To Train Your Dragon. Such a cute movie! It was really interesting to hear the professors speaking and seeing them interact. I definitely want to take an IRIS class before I graduate. Thursday night I had to study all my vocab from the entire course and a new chapter that was assigned the night before the final.  I thought ok no big deal I've already learned most of these words. Well 465 flashcards later, I realized there were still some I didn't really know! Luckily we didn't have to be in class until 8:30am on Friday so I could get up shower and study a bit before class. In class, our professor actually gave a lesson and assigned homework before we took our final! I was a tad frustrated and just ready to be done. The test was harder than I expected but not too bad and I was out by 9:30am! SO. GREAT. I went back to my room and did my homework right away so that it wouldn't be hanging over my head all weekend. Yesterday afternoon I went running and worked out then planned on spending the majority of my night reading..but I fell asleep for three hours! So not much reading got done! I spent the night in Ari's room and we are going to get up and work out soon then head home today!! So excited!

Happy to be done,

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