Sunday, January 1, 2012

Looking Ahead to 2012!

I am so excited for 2012!!! There are some really exciting things happening this year and I can't wait to see what surprises God has in store for the coming months:)

January: I turn 20..I have 25 more days to be a teenager. Mom says I'm not allowed to sleep in or go anymore because those activities are reserved for teenagers..we'll see about that!
February: I'll be working at a wedding with the Dirks family! Man I love them!!
March: I'm working Chrysalis as an ALD with the beautiful Risa Vargas! So excited!! And mom is head cook..that means we will be eating AMAZING food all weekend!
April: Melissa, Tyler and I will be flying to Portland, OR for spring break to visit Sarah and Matt!! I am so excited!
May: I am going to Utah to see Shelby and her new baby!! And Robbie is graduating from high school and turning 18!
June: I am returning to camp this summer to work at day camps all over California! I love serving with LRCC!!
July: I am travelling to New Orleans, LA to serve as a volunteer at the National Youth Gathering for the ELCA. ANNNNNNNND STEPHANIE SHARP IS GETTING MARRIED! SOOOOO EXCITED to be one of her bridesmaids:)
August: I will be starting my junior year of I'll be half way through my time at Biola!
September-December: Not exactly sure about EVERYTHING this year holds but I do know that I'll be striving to grow in the Lord and seeking to glorify Him in all I say and do:)

God is so good and I can't wait until this year unfolds to see all it holds! I'm full of joy as I reflect on the last year and look ahead to the new one!

Filled with hope and excitement,

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