Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Break

I am now home for SPRING BREAK!!! So excited:) I plan on watching season 6 of Gilmore Girls, LOTS of homework, seeing my family, and going camping with friends from school for a few days! I'm loving being home:) It's so nice to be around my family! Today I am visiting Ms. Choi...the most amazing teacher and woman! And I am going to the Jelly Bean Jamboree in room 3 this afternoon!
The weirdest things about being home:
1) not seeing Katelyn Jane Ward everyday, all day:(
2) the water pressure in the shower at home feels like a mere trickle compared to the showers at school!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gilmore Girls Night!

So tonight we had a floor Gilmore Girls night! It was so great! We had about 20 girls from our floor all gather in the lobby as a mini floor event before we all leave for break. We had oreos, peanut butter, pop tarts, marshmallows, pudding, watermelon, and strawberries. So yummy! It was so fun to get the girls together, to feast together, and to watch The Girls. We watched two episodes and now I have officially finished season 5! My goal is to get season 6 done over break and then after finals, Maddy and I are going to do a marathon for season 7!! Then I'll be done. I decided that when I'm a teacher I will need to buy all 7 seasons and have them in my classroom for when I grade papers. When I'm at school late working (just like mom!), the Girls can keep me company! :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So this afternoon when I was done with class, I watched the movie Tangled. It is a modern day Disney twist on the story of Rapunzel. It is a really cute movie! Of course it was magical:) I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm not a big movie person so it was weird to sit down and watch it but it was really relaxing and much needed after a crazy last few days! As I was watching it, I couldn't help but notice the parallels between parts of the movie and the Christian faith. Here's a little plot summary for you:
A king and a queen have a baby, and an old lady steals the baby so she can stay young forever. The baby has magic hair(the baby is Rapunzel). The old lady raises the little girl and keeps her locked away in a tower so no one tries to steal her for her hair because it is so valuable. Each year on her birthday, the girl noticed floating lights in the sky and felt they were for her. Her parents would release floating lanterns in hopes that she would see them. She longed to go see them someday. On her 18th birthday she asks to leave the tower but the lady forbids her. When a guy running away from the kingdom stumbles upon her tower, he says he will take her to see the lights. She sneaks out to see them. After fighting off the bad guys and the good overcomes the evil, the girl is reunited with her parents, the king and queen. She realizes she is the lost princess everyone looks for each year. That's basically the plot line..
This is the scene that stood out to me the most:
It is SUUUUUPER magical. It kind of reminds me of watching fireworks on Main Street at Disneyland:)

This reminds me of the moment when we realize how great our God is. That moment when you are completely in awe of the wonder and the beauty of the Lord. The point when Rapunzel and Flynn release their lanterns into the air to me symbolizes the act of faith of releasing our lives into God's Hands, knowing He has it all under control :) The words to the song say "And at last I see the light and it's like the fog has lifted and at last I see the light and it's like the sky is new". These words are like the thoughts that go through your mind when everything becomes clearer because you have seen the Light. Everything is new and exciting and clear and much better because you have Jesus. Also when Rapunzel tries to give Flynn back the crown, he doesn't want it because he realizes what is important now, and it's not material things.


So I finally finished 1 and 2 Kings at 5am this morning! Man it was HAAAAAARD to get through. I slept for 3 hours and oddly I am functioning VERY well. 3 hours of sleep is a good amount for me. I have found over the course of this semester that when I get about 3 hours of sleep I am good to go! If I have 5-6 hours, I am so tired throughout the day and need a nap and am falling asleep in class. So I have come the conclusion that I need 3 or 9 hours of sleep to properly function in a day. Weird? Yes. Good to know? Oh yes.
And I will be going on Facebook soon..later today! I told myself I wasn't going to go on this week until all my work is done and I'm done this week!! I'm going home tomorrow night:) Tonight I have AS commissioning and we are having a Gilmore Girls night! Yay!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Nice Surprise

So I got my cookie! Katelyn and much to my surprise Hannah brought it to me with a CHAI LATTE! Praise God for good friends:) So happy and satisfied now! Time to bust out KINGS. here we go.


So I've been sitting in the library since 2:30 this afternoon. It is now 6:00pm. I AM FREEZING!!! I just finished 1 Kings. I have to do 2 Kings now. 25 chapters. So close to being done. Yet it feels so very far away! I'm not going to eat dinner tonight..well not a decent dinner. Katelyn is suppose to be bringing me a cookie from Eagle's soon. Right now all I can think about is that cookie. That soft, round, chocolaty cookie. Oh it's so close. I can't wait to taste it. I think I'm going to leave the library in 2 hours. If I work NON-STOP(no brain breaks) I could probably knock out a good chuck of the work I have left. But I have just about ZERO motivation:/ I should get to bed at a somewhat decent hour tonight. After 12 but before 5 I'd say! Someone suggested try working in the laundry room because it's quiet and there are little to no distractions! I think I'm going to try that tonight. I've used just about 60% of my pandora hours this month already. It's only April 19th! It's sad that 40 hours of free music simply is not enough. I only listen to it when I do I guess it's a good way to measure how much homework I do! [in 2 1/2 weeks..26 hours of homework so far]

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Record!

Folks I must post this breaking news..I finished half of 1 Kings in about an hour! Maybe I won't be staying up all night tonight and tomorrow like I thought. This is definitely a record.

Monday Monday

Today was weird! Well not all of today but the weather was CRAZY! Yesterday and Saturday it was HOTTTTTT. Today, overcast and in the 60s? Oh California. I'm kind of a fan of 68-72 degree weather so I was okay with it, it is just so weird to me! Gotta love it I guess!
Today I had observations. They were good. I still can't decide what I think about 2nd graders. I think they are a tad too independent for me. I still love the babies:)
I got back from observations and ate mom's mac-n-cheese that she brought me last night:) it was yummy!! When I was getting ready for class, there was a fire drill in Alpha. Just my luck! So I quickly gathered my stuff for class and left the building. Why am I so lucky that I am there for every stinkin' fire drill??!
I had two classes this afternoon and took a nap before dinner:) 'twas lovely! Now I am in the library. Surprise surprise. When I first got here after dinner tonight I went to the bathroom. On my way back to my work station I took the long way and explored a little bit. I found all these really quiet tables in the corner. I may go hide there someday. I really want to play hide and seek in the library. I think it would be really fun! But not entirely sure it's appropriate. Tonight I am working on 1 Kings. Tomorrow is 2 Kings. They are due Wednesday. I have a little quiz Thursday. THEN SWEET FREEDOM! So happy to be going home! do more homework. As in a paper for pretty much EVERY class. gah. But it's okay! I get to sit on a couch. The couch in my family room to be exact. So excited! I plan on watch season 6 of Gilmore Girls while I'm home too. And I'm going camping with my neighbors Katelyn, Torrey, and Ari for a few days! So excited!
PS happy anniversary to my parents:) Love you!! mom said they went on a hot date to Chipotle. So proud of dad for splurging tonight! (I hope he got her guac or chips..or both! hehe)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Lovely Sunday

Today was such a lovely day! It started with teaching Sunday School this morning:) We made crosses with tissue to make them look like stained glass, did the jelly bean prayer, and found and read about resurrection eggs. Then when we went into the church service, the kids choir sang and a bunch of my students were singing and leading worship. It was so magical! I was seriously crying! So so sooo precious! I loved seeing little kids singing their hearts out about Jesus and how great He is. Warms my heart!! Then this afternoon I got almost all of my homework done and watched 2 episodes of Gilmore Girls! I was able to sit by the fountain and get some reading for English done. After dinner Katelyn and I went for a little bike ride around the Biola Apartments. Such a nice, cool, evening! I loved it! Tonight mom (and I think maybe dad??) are coming to Singspo. And my favorite band is playing!!! To end this lovely day, Kelsey and I are going to go to Eagle's to get cookies or something:)
Only 4 days, 3 observations, 2 books of Kings, and 1 quiz stands between me and spring break!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekend Happenings

After pulling my all nighter Tuesday night, I was EXHAUSTED on Wednesday. But it was still a good day. Kelsey and I went to Target to get stuff for a Gilmore Girls night next week and stopped for frozen yogurt on the way back! So good! Then Thursday, to celebrate Hannah's dad getting a job, we went to Golden Spoon! It was so much fun to get off for a little roommate date:)
There has been a lot going on around campus this weekend! Yesterday I worked the Imagination Summit which was a technology conference about how to use it to share the Gospel. It was a really fun event to work and we got free Chick-fil-a for lunch! Then I had to work for Eagle Host as a greeter in my dorm. This weekend we are having our final Biola Bound (weekend long event for out-of-state students to check out Biola) and a new thing called Step It Up weekend for already accepted students. We hosted two students last night. Besides all the events going on around campus, things were pretty quiet. A group of us went to Common's and got smoothies because their espresso machine is broken so they can't make any hot drinks:( but it was still fun..even though it took 25 minutes to get my drink because they ran out of ice! Then we watched videos on youtube and played music and even a little soccer in the hallway!
Today Maddy(Lenny), Ruth, and I went to the beach with some of their friends. It was so nice! Such a beautiful day! We only went for a few hours but it was still great to get off campus, be with friends, go to the beach, and soak up some sun! I really, really, really enjoyed it! Hoping for a few more trips before the end of the semester!! Tonight I am staying in my room and working on homework!
Tomorrow mom and some people from church are coming for Singspo!! My favorite band is playing:) I'm really excited!
Spring break and Easter are in one week!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

All Nighter!

Well folks, I can call myself a legitimate college student now. I have successfully pulled an all nighter! And I'm feeling pretty good:) I finished my assignment at 7:20am. I'm very giggly today. Hannah is very entertained by me. Katelyn stayed up with me last night. She was working on a 15-page paper. I look pretty put together for not going to bed. I'm wearing real in not sweats and t-shirt.(mom you should be proud:) )My goal is to get to bed EARLY tonight..we'll see if that really happens or not. I'm going to enjoy the day and I'm very excited to get lunch with Holly and dinner with Brittany! It shall be a glorious:)

Monday, April 11, 2011

In the Libes(aka Library)

First of all...three posts in one day! You would think I just have alllllll the time in the world right?! YA  RIGHT! I have so so soooooo much to be doing. So I will keep this one short:)
Here at Biola we like to abbreviate everything. Caf is the most obvious one. Here is a little list of the abbreves we use..
commies=Commons=Common Grounds Coffee Shop
Eags=Eagles=Eagles Nest
t-swizzle=Taylor Swift
I can't think of any other ones at the moment. I will be sure to share with you as they come up. [I must insert a shout-out to Maddy aka Lenny for some of these words!]
I'm in the libes right closes in 2 and a half hours. That's not very long! I already spent almost three hours in here this afternoon. Ugh I have so much homework! I just have to learn to be super disciplined with myself and use my time wisely. Clearly three blog posts in one day is not using my time wisely....uhhhh oops! Ok one final thing..I wanted to show you what I made on photoshop(keep in mind I am DEATHLY afraid of photoshop)..while I was in the library..being so WISE with my time..

Cool verse huh? and beautiful picture:)


Today we selected our rooms for next year! The whole process of finding a roommate, getting a lottery time to choose a room and actually getting a room was so nerve racking! But it is all settled now! Thank goodness. A few weeks ago my friend Holly and I decided to live together. I am super, super, super excited! Holly and I met through Event Society this year. She is such a sweet girl and just switched her major to Elementary Ed! I am very much looking forward to living with her:) 
Room selection opened this morning at 8:15am. There were 12 sets of roommate who were wanting to live on our floor next year. When the lottery opened up, there were only 4 doubles available. Talk about STRESS!!! My lottery time had said 9:30pm so I still had over 12 hours until I was going to be allowed to choose a room. I was freaking out. Thank goodness I went into housing this morning before chapel. Turns out all Senators were suppose to have lottery times of 9:30AM and there was a typo on mine. So the lady fixed it and I got second choice of which room I wanted! I was so glad that I got on my floor again:) It's going to be so great! I can't wait! 

Oh Hi Ojai :)

This weekend we went on our floor retreat to Ojai! It was so great! Such a beautiful little town:) Ari and I drove up after I took my CBEST on Saturday. It was a lovely drive. It was great to see the green rolling hills and white clouds against the blue sky. When we arrived we went to the park to meet everyone else who was already there. We were staying at Bri's aunt's house. So beautiful! Such a nice home:) We went to dinner at a little mom and pop kind of restaurant. It was Bri's favorite place to eat growing up. DELISH! Then we went up a hill that overlooked the entire city to play games and watch the sun set. It was so beautiful. God is such an artist! When we got cold because the sun had gone down, we went to get frozen yogurt and rent the movie Easy A. We got this movie because it was filmed in Ojai. So that was cool to see the places we had been driving! Before we watched the movie we went in the spa and it was so nice to relax, hang out, and talk with girls I love so much! After we watched the movie (which Ari thought was quite hilarious! I thought it was funny too but was more entertained by Ari's giggle:P), we pretty much went to bed. It was after 12 and I had had a loooong day. Bri's aunt had a HUGE, and I mean HUGE dog! Although he wasn't allowed in the family room where were going to be sleeping, I was still starting to feel my allergies kick in so I got to sleep in the guest bedroom. Brittany slept in the bedroom with me so I wasn't alone. We woke up absolutely FREEZING for a mysterious reason. lol. When we had all gotten up and eaten breakfast we walked up the street to a park for morning devotions. We all took 30 minutes, went off by ourselves, and spent time reading scripture and meditating on it and praying. It was so nice to sit in the sun, hear the birds, feel the wind, and spend time with the Lord:) We went back to the house, made lunch, watched Gilmore Girls, cleaned up, and went to downtown Ventura to walk around and shop. Bri and Ari had a hayday at the Thrift Stores! By that time we had planned to go down to the beach but it was too late because we had to get back to school before major traffic hit. I had a lovely drive home with Kelsey G and her roommate Kelsey A:) We got back with 5 minutes to spare before the caf closed. Kelsey G and I ran and made it just in time! It was such a nice weekend:) Ojai is such a cute little town!! And I love my floor so any excuse to hang out with them makes me happy:)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Crazy Week(s)!!

This past week was a tad busy for me! I thought it would be somewhat light with homework and such but it was quite opposite! I did homework every waking moment on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and still do not feel caught up or ahead. On Wednesday I had a prospective student, Shayla from Alaska, spending the night with me. I LOVE hosting students!! It is so much fun to show people around campus, get to know them, and have them spend the night! I seriously love my job! It was such a joy to have her here:) Earlier that day, Event Society helped Alumni Relations hide 4,000 Easter Eggs all over campus. When students were released from chapel the surprise Easter Egg Hunt was announced. It was fun! That night we had to work the concert/raffle event. Shayla helped make cotton candy! She was pro!! Thursday I had to work a symposium with Event Society and there was storm when we were standing in the parking lot working. We're talking full on storm! So crazy! Umbrellas turned inside out Mary Poppins style and everything! We got WET!! But it was really funny! lol. On Friday Grandma Sue and Grandma Lee came to visit for Grandparent's Day. It was so nice to have them here:) It was a great day! Grandma Sue took me home to get my car for the weekend. Maddy and I drove back and it was really nice to drive my Honda again:) Then last night we had to work another event called Soph-Ball put on by Academic Advising for sophomores. It was a kickball game with the students' favorite faculty members. It was fun to watch but FREEZING! This morning I took my CBEST. It was super easy:) I will be leaving soon to go to Ojai for my floor retreat! We will be back tomorrow. Next week I have a test, two papers, and a lesson plan due...and I'm doing no homework this weekend! AHHHH it's okay, two weeks until spring break! We choose housing on Monday! Hoping to get my room back..if not at least my floor. There are 12 pairs of roommates who want to live on our floor. Choosing opens at 8:15am on Monday and I'm not allowed to choose until 9:30pm. A little bummed about that but it will be okay! Right now I just need to survive the next two weeks!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So Full of Delight!

Tonight mom brought dinner for me and my friends! She made taquitos, guac, rice, banana split brownies, and chocolate dipped strawberries! She even brought a table cloth and daisies for the table. 'Twas delightful! The caf has totally been slackin' lately so it was GREAT to eat "real"/homemade food, especially my moms!! Oh my sooooo good! It was seriously so so so great to see her and Emily and to eat her food. Mom also helped me write a lesson plan for my teaching class. I really miss them and can't wait to be home for Easter in less than 3 weeks!! Today was a delightful day full of sunshine, 2nd graders, and pranks. Hannah and I are in a prank war..but called truce. Hopefully this will stay. She tried short sheeting my bed today but I caught it this afternoon when I noticed my bed wasn't made right. She was kind of bummed about it. We are both busy with homework and I don't really want to be nervous to go to my own room so we ended it. I am now in the library and will be here until midnight:/ I'm hosting a prospective student tomorrow so I'm really excited about that! And I have TWO classes cancelled. How delightful!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Weekend Away

This weekend I was in Lake Arrowhead for our Event Society retreat! It was soooo nice and such a beautiful getaway:) We left Friday afternoon, and after sitting in TONS of traffic on the 91 fwy, we arrived at the Betzer Cabin on John Muir Street that sits right on the lake! The house was fairly big and perfect for the 14 of us that were there. There were 10 students, our boss and her husband, and her parents. We had tons of snacks, ate too much food, hung out and talked, and watched movies. We were able to go out and sit on the dock and look at the water..if we were up to sitting in the cold. Last weekend, Lake Arrowhead got 3 feet of snow and this weekend it was in the 60s and 70s the whole time! Perfect, crisp, yet lovely mountain weather! On Friday night we had a mini educational seminar on how to get a job and how to establish yourself in a new position and had a pizza party. On Saturday we went to brunch down in the village and walked around and shopped a bit. 'Twas lovely:) We went back to the cabin and layed around all afternoon doing homework, sleeping, relaxing, and doing whatever we wanted! It was seriously so great! A much needed getaway! Although the ten of us were in the same room, we did manage to get homework done all in the same room, some even when we were watching movies! Victoria (our boss), had her mom come along to lead a seminar on etiquette and hospitality and how to host a dinner party, how to act as a guest in someones home, and how to set a table with lots of fancy dishes! So fun! Victoria and her mom then made us DELICIOUS dinner:) We watched another movie, did more homework, and layed around laughing! It was so much fun. I love the people in the Event Society but the only time we get to see each other is at events when we are busy and have things to do so this was such a great time to hang out with people I love but don't see too often! This morning we got up, packed our stuff, and had a morning devotion before leaving. I had such a great weekend and thoroughly enjoyed my time in the mountains taking in the beauty of God's creation! :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's!

I love pranks. Today is April Fool's Day, the day when all pranks are legal, and I got nothin!! It's okay. I must tell you about the genius prank my roommate Hannah pulled on me.. Well I am *mildly* obsessed with our president Dr. Barry Corey aka DBC. Yesterday I got a letter in my mailbox "from DBC". It said I'm glad you are running for an AS Senator position and I look forward to working with you and getting to know all the leaders on campus for next year. It seemed like a legit letter. "He" signed it and everything. I was super stoked and telling some friends about it last night in the hallway and another girl said no way I got a letter from DBC too. Earlier in the semester she saw him and his family at Starbucks so she bought him a cookie and he made a little shout out in chapel the next day. Well her letter said thank you and I'm giving you free cookies on campus for the rest of the semester. It seemed pretty legit as well. When we were looking at each other's letters we notice the signatures were different. Hers looked a lot more real than mine did. So then my lovely roommate said he didn't really write that, people forge signatures all the time, it was probably his secretary or something.She said here let me show you, I have to sign people's names for work all the time. She wanted to write on my letter or on my envelope, I said NO WAY JOSE! So she went and got a piece of paper and signed his name and it was EXACTLY the same! She showed me and said April Fool's! I said no way..okay that was a good one! I definitely give her props for what she did. It was very well thought out and lots of people were in on it. However,  I feel bad for her because I think she forgot how much I LOVE PRANKS! And I can be a good sport about it and take a good joke..I hope she can handle the heat this upcoming month. Because this has now been turned into April Fool's Month for Hannah! I will retaliate. I like to remind her that she should hate the game, not the player, because she started it! And this is not the first time she has done something to me. She is very worried about me taking her towel in the shower;) We shall see! I have enlisted my best comrades!!

A Sunshiny Day:)

Today was so nice! I woke up at 10am which is always the best! I ate a bowl of cereal and showered before class at 12. Because it was so nice outside, I got to wear a tank top and shorts! So great! On my way to class I saw lots of people wearing summery dresses and flip flops. 'Twas a lovely sight to see! I also saw students playing frisbee on Metzger Lawn and enjoying the sunshine. After class I saw two friends playing racquetball barefoot in the sun. The vibe on campus was so great today! After enjoying a nice lunch in the sun, I went to read by the fountain. Oh so great! I had another class at 3 and a midterm. All the students in my class were commenting on how wonderful it was outside so our professor let us take our midterm IN THE SUN! Greatest way to take a test ever!! We also did a group project so we spent the majority of the class outside enjoying the weather. It was seriously so great! Today was soooo beautiful! I loved it! God's creation is so beautiful:)