Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Productive Taco Tuesday!

Today was simply delightful! (Minus the extremely difficult QUIZ that took an HOUR to do..a quiz should take no more than 20 mins..it was so hard! Good thing everyone in the class had trouble with it) I woke up early and went running and hit the gym for a bit to get some last minute studying in..that clearly did not do much for me! Class seemed to go by quickly today because the whole first hour was spent taking a test. After getting out of class early (always the best thing!) I went to lunch real quick. After Ari went to class I sat outside in the sunshine and was able to watch a webcast I had been wanting to see but missed because I was at the gym last night when it started, it was so good. And I WHIZZED through my Spanish assignments in an hour and a half this afternoon!! It was so great! That allowed me to read my "just for fun" book for two hours this afternoon!!!! So lovely:) Before dinner I went to Trader Joe's to buy some goods. I always love a trip to TJ's!! When we got back, we made tacos for dinner and had rice and chips and salsa too. It was quick, yummy, and EASY! So nice! I just booked my flight to New Orleans for this summer to volunteer at the National Youth Gathering. It's exciting!! Now I'm sitting in my room listening to my favorite playlist..film scores:)..studying for tomorrow's quiz. Hoping tomorrow morning will be easier than today! Only 7 more days of class left. So doable!

Hoping to get to bed early tonight,

ps-dad don't get used to this posting everyday thing ;)

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