Friday, May 11, 2012

A Trip to Utah

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to Utah to visit my friend Shelby. I've known Shelby since I was five. She now lives in Utah with her husband and new baby girl, Presley! It is so crazy to me that when we were little we used to play school (she was always the teacher!..haha that's funny to me now) and house in her bedroom. Now she's all grown up and has a real house and is married and has a beautiful baby girl! I left school on Thursday afternoon and was gone until early Monday morning. Shelby and I haven't really hung out and spent time together since high school. It was so great to see her! When she picked me up from the airport Thursday afternoon, the first thing she did was take me to East High, the place where High School Musical was filmed. I absolutely LOOOOOOVE High School Musical and it has always been my dream to visit the school where they filmed it. Shelby used to like it too. She probably wouldn't admit that today though;) Her daughter was asleep in the car so we took a few pictures, I ran inside for like a minute snapped a few pics and then we were gone. Just like that! It was so cool though! Almost unreal. The school is beautiful and looks exactly like it does in the movie(obviously!). While I was there I got to sleep a lot. Which was sooooo nice! I was trying to stock up on sleep knowing with finals coming up, I was not going to be getting much sleep. Friday and Saturday I also got to see her sisters, Noel, Lacey, and Leticia, and all their kids. I haven't seen them in forever so it was so nice to spend some time with them and their families:)  I got to spend lots of time with Shelby and Presley talking about when we were young, laughing about old memories, and how we used to dream of "some day when we (fill in the blank)" and how the things that seemed so far away are now our realities! I had a wonderful time and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to escape for the weekend:)

So blessed and missing baby Pret-Ley,

Our first stop! I've always wanted to go here. Now I have!

East High was so cool and I got a few pictures of stuff that was actually in the movie!

This girl is crazy. Always making me laugh!

Baby Presley:) Loved spending time with Shelby and her family!

Shelby thought I was crazy for having a 6:30am flight! But she and Josh were so kind as to leave the house at 4:30am get me to the airport on time!