Friday, April 1, 2011

A Sunshiny Day:)

Today was so nice! I woke up at 10am which is always the best! I ate a bowl of cereal and showered before class at 12. Because it was so nice outside, I got to wear a tank top and shorts! So great! On my way to class I saw lots of people wearing summery dresses and flip flops. 'Twas a lovely sight to see! I also saw students playing frisbee on Metzger Lawn and enjoying the sunshine. After class I saw two friends playing racquetball barefoot in the sun. The vibe on campus was so great today! After enjoying a nice lunch in the sun, I went to read by the fountain. Oh so great! I had another class at 3 and a midterm. All the students in my class were commenting on how wonderful it was outside so our professor let us take our midterm IN THE SUN! Greatest way to take a test ever!! We also did a group project so we spent the majority of the class outside enjoying the weather. It was seriously so great! Today was soooo beautiful! I loved it! God's creation is so beautiful:)

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