Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Lovely Sunday

Today was such a lovely day! It started with teaching Sunday School this morning:) We made crosses with tissue to make them look like stained glass, did the jelly bean prayer, and found and read about resurrection eggs. Then when we went into the church service, the kids choir sang and a bunch of my students were singing and leading worship. It was so magical! I was seriously crying! So so sooo precious! I loved seeing little kids singing their hearts out about Jesus and how great He is. Warms my heart!! Then this afternoon I got almost all of my homework done and watched 2 episodes of Gilmore Girls! I was able to sit by the fountain and get some reading for English done. After dinner Katelyn and I went for a little bike ride around the Biola Apartments. Such a nice, cool, evening! I loved it! Tonight mom (and I think maybe dad??) are coming to Singspo. And my favorite band is playing!!! To end this lovely day, Kelsey and I are going to go to Eagle's to get cookies or something:)
Only 4 days, 3 observations, 2 books of Kings, and 1 quiz stands between me and spring break!

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