Monday, April 11, 2011


Today we selected our rooms for next year! The whole process of finding a roommate, getting a lottery time to choose a room and actually getting a room was so nerve racking! But it is all settled now! Thank goodness. A few weeks ago my friend Holly and I decided to live together. I am super, super, super excited! Holly and I met through Event Society this year. She is such a sweet girl and just switched her major to Elementary Ed! I am very much looking forward to living with her:) 
Room selection opened this morning at 8:15am. There were 12 sets of roommate who were wanting to live on our floor next year. When the lottery opened up, there were only 4 doubles available. Talk about STRESS!!! My lottery time had said 9:30pm so I still had over 12 hours until I was going to be allowed to choose a room. I was freaking out. Thank goodness I went into housing this morning before chapel. Turns out all Senators were suppose to have lottery times of 9:30AM and there was a typo on mine. So the lady fixed it and I got second choice of which room I wanted! I was so glad that I got on my floor again:) It's going to be so great! I can't wait! 

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