Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekend Happenings

After pulling my all nighter Tuesday night, I was EXHAUSTED on Wednesday. But it was still a good day. Kelsey and I went to Target to get stuff for a Gilmore Girls night next week and stopped for frozen yogurt on the way back! So good! Then Thursday, to celebrate Hannah's dad getting a job, we went to Golden Spoon! It was so much fun to get off for a little roommate date:)
There has been a lot going on around campus this weekend! Yesterday I worked the Imagination Summit which was a technology conference about how to use it to share the Gospel. It was a really fun event to work and we got free Chick-fil-a for lunch! Then I had to work for Eagle Host as a greeter in my dorm. This weekend we are having our final Biola Bound (weekend long event for out-of-state students to check out Biola) and a new thing called Step It Up weekend for already accepted students. We hosted two students last night. Besides all the events going on around campus, things were pretty quiet. A group of us went to Common's and got smoothies because their espresso machine is broken so they can't make any hot drinks:( but it was still fun..even though it took 25 minutes to get my drink because they ran out of ice! Then we watched videos on youtube and played music and even a little soccer in the hallway!
Today Maddy(Lenny), Ruth, and I went to the beach with some of their friends. It was so nice! Such a beautiful day! We only went for a few hours but it was still great to get off campus, be with friends, go to the beach, and soak up some sun! I really, really, really enjoyed it! Hoping for a few more trips before the end of the semester!! Tonight I am staying in my room and working on homework!
Tomorrow mom and some people from church are coming for Singspo!! My favorite band is playing:) I'm really excited!
Spring break and Easter are in one week!!!

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