Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's That Time Again!

Tonight..(this morning?) I am spending my time with the Judges. The book of Judges is a fairly interesting book. Not too long, only 21 short chapters! Just thought I'd post real quick..since I was awake anyway. I have two blankets, a pillow, a snack, and my water out in the hall with me. My goal bed time is between 4am and 5am. I might not even go into bed, just sleep in the hallway especially since I have set up camp out here and I don't have to wast time transporting my stuff back into my room in the middle of the night. We shall see if that happens! At least I am working on Old Testament homework and get to spend the entire night reading the Bible, not some boring history book or something. Mom and dad came to visit tonight. 'Twas lovely! It was so nice to see them for a little bit. They had a date night at Northwood's Inn so they stopped by since they were right around the corner from school:) Mom brought be yummy HOMEMADE peanut butter cookies!! Well, I must get back to the Judges now, they are calling my name.

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