Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh Hi Ojai :)

This weekend we went on our floor retreat to Ojai! It was so great! Such a beautiful little town:) Ari and I drove up after I took my CBEST on Saturday. It was a lovely drive. It was great to see the green rolling hills and white clouds against the blue sky. When we arrived we went to the park to meet everyone else who was already there. We were staying at Bri's aunt's house. So beautiful! Such a nice home:) We went to dinner at a little mom and pop kind of restaurant. It was Bri's favorite place to eat growing up. DELISH! Then we went up a hill that overlooked the entire city to play games and watch the sun set. It was so beautiful. God is such an artist! When we got cold because the sun had gone down, we went to get frozen yogurt and rent the movie Easy A. We got this movie because it was filmed in Ojai. So that was cool to see the places we had been driving! Before we watched the movie we went in the spa and it was so nice to relax, hang out, and talk with girls I love so much! After we watched the movie (which Ari thought was quite hilarious! I thought it was funny too but was more entertained by Ari's giggle:P), we pretty much went to bed. It was after 12 and I had had a loooong day. Bri's aunt had a HUGE, and I mean HUGE dog! Although he wasn't allowed in the family room where were going to be sleeping, I was still starting to feel my allergies kick in so I got to sleep in the guest bedroom. Brittany slept in the bedroom with me so I wasn't alone. We woke up absolutely FREEZING for a mysterious reason. lol. When we had all gotten up and eaten breakfast we walked up the street to a park for morning devotions. We all took 30 minutes, went off by ourselves, and spent time reading scripture and meditating on it and praying. It was so nice to sit in the sun, hear the birds, feel the wind, and spend time with the Lord:) We went back to the house, made lunch, watched Gilmore Girls, cleaned up, and went to downtown Ventura to walk around and shop. Bri and Ari had a hayday at the Thrift Stores! By that time we had planned to go down to the beach but it was too late because we had to get back to school before major traffic hit. I had a lovely drive home with Kelsey G and her roommate Kelsey A:) We got back with 5 minutes to spare before the caf closed. Kelsey G and I ran and made it just in time! It was such a nice weekend:) Ojai is such a cute little town!! And I love my floor so any excuse to hang out with them makes me happy:)

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