Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Monday

Today was weird! Well not all of today but the weather was CRAZY! Yesterday and Saturday it was HOTTTTTT. Today, overcast and in the 60s? Oh California. I'm kind of a fan of 68-72 degree weather so I was okay with it, it is just so weird to me! Gotta love it I guess!
Today I had observations. They were good. I still can't decide what I think about 2nd graders. I think they are a tad too independent for me. I still love the babies:)
I got back from observations and ate mom's mac-n-cheese that she brought me last night:) it was yummy!! When I was getting ready for class, there was a fire drill in Alpha. Just my luck! So I quickly gathered my stuff for class and left the building. Why am I so lucky that I am there for every stinkin' fire drill??!
I had two classes this afternoon and took a nap before dinner:) 'twas lovely! Now I am in the library. Surprise surprise. When I first got here after dinner tonight I went to the bathroom. On my way back to my work station I took the long way and explored a little bit. I found all these really quiet tables in the corner. I may go hide there someday. I really want to play hide and seek in the library. I think it would be really fun! But not entirely sure it's appropriate. Tonight I am working on 1 Kings. Tomorrow is 2 Kings. They are due Wednesday. I have a little quiz Thursday. THEN SWEET FREEDOM! So happy to be going home! do more homework. As in a paper for pretty much EVERY class. gah. But it's okay! I get to sit on a couch. The couch in my family room to be exact. So excited! I plan on watch season 6 of Gilmore Girls while I'm home too. And I'm going camping with my neighbors Katelyn, Torrey, and Ari for a few days! So excited!
PS happy anniversary to my parents:) Love you!! mom said they went on a hot date to Chipotle. So proud of dad for splurging tonight! (I hope he got her guac or chips..or both! hehe)

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