Monday, April 11, 2011

In the Libes(aka Library)

First of all...three posts in one day! You would think I just have alllllll the time in the world right?! YA  RIGHT! I have so so soooooo much to be doing. So I will keep this one short:)
Here at Biola we like to abbreviate everything. Caf is the most obvious one. Here is a little list of the abbreves we use..
commies=Commons=Common Grounds Coffee Shop
Eags=Eagles=Eagles Nest
t-swizzle=Taylor Swift
I can't think of any other ones at the moment. I will be sure to share with you as they come up. [I must insert a shout-out to Maddy aka Lenny for some of these words!]
I'm in the libes right closes in 2 and a half hours. That's not very long! I already spent almost three hours in here this afternoon. Ugh I have so much homework! I just have to learn to be super disciplined with myself and use my time wisely. Clearly three blog posts in one day is not using my time wisely....uhhhh oops! Ok one final thing..I wanted to show you what I made on photoshop(keep in mind I am DEATHLY afraid of photoshop)..while I was in the library..being so WISE with my time..

Cool verse huh? and beautiful picture:)

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