Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's!

I love pranks. Today is April Fool's Day, the day when all pranks are legal, and I got nothin!! It's okay. I must tell you about the genius prank my roommate Hannah pulled on me.. Well I am *mildly* obsessed with our president Dr. Barry Corey aka DBC. Yesterday I got a letter in my mailbox "from DBC". It said I'm glad you are running for an AS Senator position and I look forward to working with you and getting to know all the leaders on campus for next year. It seemed like a legit letter. "He" signed it and everything. I was super stoked and telling some friends about it last night in the hallway and another girl said no way I got a letter from DBC too. Earlier in the semester she saw him and his family at Starbucks so she bought him a cookie and he made a little shout out in chapel the next day. Well her letter said thank you and I'm giving you free cookies on campus for the rest of the semester. It seemed pretty legit as well. When we were looking at each other's letters we notice the signatures were different. Hers looked a lot more real than mine did. So then my lovely roommate said he didn't really write that, people forge signatures all the time, it was probably his secretary or something.She said here let me show you, I have to sign people's names for work all the time. She wanted to write on my letter or on my envelope, I said NO WAY JOSE! So she went and got a piece of paper and signed his name and it was EXACTLY the same! She showed me and said April Fool's! I said no way..okay that was a good one! I definitely give her props for what she did. It was very well thought out and lots of people were in on it. However,  I feel bad for her because I think she forgot how much I LOVE PRANKS! And I can be a good sport about it and take a good joke..I hope she can handle the heat this upcoming month. Because this has now been turned into April Fool's Month for Hannah! I will retaliate. I like to remind her that she should hate the game, not the player, because she started it! And this is not the first time she has done something to me. She is very worried about me taking her towel in the shower;) We shall see! I have enlisted my best comrades!!

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