Saturday, April 9, 2011

Crazy Week(s)!!

This past week was a tad busy for me! I thought it would be somewhat light with homework and such but it was quite opposite! I did homework every waking moment on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and still do not feel caught up or ahead. On Wednesday I had a prospective student, Shayla from Alaska, spending the night with me. I LOVE hosting students!! It is so much fun to show people around campus, get to know them, and have them spend the night! I seriously love my job! It was such a joy to have her here:) Earlier that day, Event Society helped Alumni Relations hide 4,000 Easter Eggs all over campus. When students were released from chapel the surprise Easter Egg Hunt was announced. It was fun! That night we had to work the concert/raffle event. Shayla helped make cotton candy! She was pro!! Thursday I had to work a symposium with Event Society and there was storm when we were standing in the parking lot working. We're talking full on storm! So crazy! Umbrellas turned inside out Mary Poppins style and everything! We got WET!! But it was really funny! lol. On Friday Grandma Sue and Grandma Lee came to visit for Grandparent's Day. It was so nice to have them here:) It was a great day! Grandma Sue took me home to get my car for the weekend. Maddy and I drove back and it was really nice to drive my Honda again:) Then last night we had to work another event called Soph-Ball put on by Academic Advising for sophomores. It was a kickball game with the students' favorite faculty members. It was fun to watch but FREEZING! This morning I took my CBEST. It was super easy:) I will be leaving soon to go to Ojai for my floor retreat! We will be back tomorrow. Next week I have a test, two papers, and a lesson plan due...and I'm doing no homework this weekend! AHHHH it's okay, two weeks until spring break! We choose housing on Monday! Hoping to get my room back..if not at least my floor. There are 12 pairs of roommates who want to live on our floor. Choosing opens at 8:15am on Monday and I'm not allowed to choose until 9:30pm. A little bummed about that but it will be okay! Right now I just need to survive the next two weeks!!

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