Monday, March 7, 2011

What We've Been Up To

I cannot believe it is the sixth week of the semester already! It's so cliche to say this but it has flown by! I'm still loving every minute of it! I'd like like to catch you up on some of the social activities, as well as academic activities I have been involved with so far.
Getting free t-shirts is one of the greatest things for a college student. Well getting free anything really, but free t-shirts will put a smile on anyones face. If you are ever having an event, have free t-shirts and people will be there no matter what your event is about. So far I have gotten 5 free shirts! Wahoooo! I love shirts to wear to bed and to workout in:)
At the beginning of the semester we had our Flannels and Flapjacks Alpha All Hall. So fun! We all wore flannel shirts and drew lumberjack mustaches on our faces. Right as the evening's festivities were ready to begin, the fire alarm went off and the entire building was evacuated! I thought it was hilarious. lol. After the building was cleared, we ate pancakes and Meesh, who lives on our floor, won the game "Fluffy Flapjack" (aka Chubby Bunny pancake edition). She is such a stud! And much to my surprise, during the event when I was out in the lobby, my room got T.P.ed! Thank you Ruth and Chani! We had been back less than a week and we were already engaged in war once again! (I will tell you about my other pranks later..)
For Valentine's Day we used our cupcake maker to make 6 dozen cupcakes! And two other girls from our floor had made cupcakes. We had so many cupcakes we couldn't get rid of them all! And the school ordered 2,000 pink cupcakes for the student body! So I have decided Valentine's Day is really Cupcake Day/Week:) I really like cupcakes! Making them for other people especially makes me happy:)
A few weeks ago Maddy and I took Meesh's(Maddy's roommate Melissa but we all call her Meesh) Glee posters. Maddy thinks they are ridiculous and we tease her about them so we decided to hide them in my room. For awhile she didn't know who it was and we left her a ransom note but she just got mad and threatened us. hehe. Sadly she found them in my room so I thought I'd leave her a little surprise in her room. When I took a trip to Walmart, I bought 550 pink Q-tips. I thought I'd be oh so kind and leave them in her stuff. I mean ALLLLLL her stuff. Her drawers, fridge, bed, violin case, closet, shoes, jean's pockets, EVERYWHERE! She laughed and collected them all and gave them back to me. Silly Meesh, I will just attack again! mwahahaha! She is such  a good sport:)
Last Wednesday there was a freshman event where we got FREE SHIRTS! Man they are just the best! I only went for the shirt:P
Last Thursday a big group of us went to Chipotle to get BOGO(buy one, get one FREE!) burritos! It was so much fun. We each got a partner and split the coupon so we got 50% off Chipotle! 'Twas great! We shared a nice meal in the hallway when we got back:)
Last Friday, Biola had it's FIRST EVER Women's Lacrosse game! It was so fun to be apart of the historical event and watch my friends on the team play. They did so good! This is the team's first season and they are working so hard and doing a great job!
Over the past weekend, I had TONS of homework. I spent about 6 hours in the library. Oh joy! Saturday night we went to Taco Bell for $0.88 Crunch Wrap Supremes!!! 9 girls from our floor went and got them then stopped at CVS for ice cream, Oreos, and Peanut Butter M&Ms. Are a bunch of girls or what?! We came back and shared our second meal of the week in the hallway while we ate our Crunch Wraps then watched a movie in the lobby and ate ice cream and Oreos! SOOO GOOD! Our spontaneous girl's night was so fun! Needless to say, after the way we ate this past weekend, we are hitting the gym hardcore this week and eating A LOT better.

And another bit of exciting news!! Last Friday I went in for my first day of observations at La Pluma El. for my teaching class. I have to complete 12.5 hours in a first grade classroom. I LOVED IT! I want to be a teacher so bad and can't wait until I get to be one! And today, I went and got the paper signed to officially change my major to Elementary Education! Can't wait!

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