Thursday, March 24, 2011

2am Once Again!

Well here I am, again, sitting in the hallway at 2am. Today it's with Matthew. Matthew 16:13-20 to be exact. I am writing an Interpretation Meditation Paper for my Biblical Interpretation class. As much as I love the class, the papers kill me sometimes! So far I have 4 sentences. I must have two pages. My goal tonight is 3 or 3:30 again but we'll see if that happens. I don't have to be up super early in the morning like I did on Wednesday. So that is nice! I blog as a little brain break:) But now I feel hunger coming upon me...but I already brushed my teeth. Good thing I'm too lazy to do that again so I'm not going to eat. The last two days have been super busy for me schedule wise so I have not had time for the gym. My Thursday is a tad crazy as well and Friday is booked. So hopefully I will be able to find time next week for the gym:)

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