Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tea Time

Today I discovered something wonderful in the caf. Because I have been going to bed late this week and suffering from sleep deprivation, I woke up with a very sore throat. I took Vitamin C, a multi-vitamin, drank orange juice, and attempted to take some Emergen-C but almost gagged because it was so nasty. When I got lunch with my dear friend Reylena, I thought...hmmm should I get some tea? That might make me feel better. Rey loves tea and drinks it often in the caf. We proceeded to get tea together. Being completely uncultured about real tea and how to drink it, make it, and everything else that comes with it, Rey showed me everything I need to know. She said it's healthy for you and very nice to sip after a meal before you leave the caf or on a cold day waiting for the rain to die down so you can go back to your room. Reylena thought I would like Cozy Chamomile. Oh I liked it! We sat at a little table and sipped our tea while discussing tea. hehe. We called it Tea Time. I counted it as my "personal time" today even though it was spent with another person. I'm glad I got to spend it with Miss Reylena:) So my new obsession will be tea. I want a hot pot thing so I can heat water in my room and sip tea! I want to try all the flavors available. So far I have tried Earl Grey (not really a fan), Apple Cinnamon (kinda gross), and Cozy Chamomile (my current fave!). I have three more flavors to try. Oh and I like Chai tea because of Kelsey G:)

I have observations tomorrow! I will be going all day:) I'm excited!! And Mock Rock is tomorrow night! I'm can't wait!! It's pretty much the biggest event at Biola. Oh how I love this school!

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