Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oh Numbers..

It's 10:30 on  Saturday night and I'm trying my very best to get my homework done. This upcoming week we only have two days of school and then we have Missions Conference. It's a three day event that every student is required to attend 8 hours of sessions for. It's kind of like the Torrey Conference we had last semester. So I don't have too much work due this week but I am really struggling to focus right now! I have to get through the book of Numbers by Monday. I have to read, summarize, find major themes, the main message and 3-6 applications from the book. It's only 40 chapters so it's not as long as Genesis but still long enough to make me not want to do it. I'm kind of avoiding it so that's why I decided to post this blog. I'm current;y on chapter 7. My goal is to get to chapter 15 (maybe 10 depending on how long it takes me) and then I can have some delicious popcorn. Ciara has BOMB popcorn. If you ever want to know the best kind, it's POP-SECRET. Sooooo good! Perfectly salted and just the right amount of butter. However, I'm kind of tired because today my floor went on a 3 mile hike! It was so cool. I will post pictures and details soon. Hiking is being added to my list of hobbies:) Plus we are losing an hour of sleep tonight. I'm not a fan of the losing an hour in the spring schedule but gaining an hour in the fall isn't too bad. So I'm trying very hard to get a good amount of Numbers read and summarized so I'm not hating myself tomorrow. I'm going to have that yummy popcorn soon! And I'm listening to the greatest Pandora station:) It is a bunch of film scores. Film scores are the BEST study music!!

PS-Monday is Pi Day! (3.14) so hopefully we are going to make frozen grasshopper pie! the stuff with Oreo crust and mint ice cream:) MUST GET THROUGH NUMBERS FIRST THOUGH!!

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