Monday, March 14, 2011

Lent, Rest, Pi :)

Often times as Lent approaches, people think about what they will "give up".  Last week when I was talking with someone, she gave me insight to a unique perspective she heard a professor speak on. For Lent, we should not necessarily give something up but make a sacrifice. This, for most people, comes as giving something up. The typical thing to give up is something like sweets or swearing or more recently, social networking. I like the idea of Lent and the spiritual challenge it presents to us. This year I am giving up Facebook. Since Wednesday I have had SO MUCH TIME IN MY LIFE! Well, not exactly, but definitely more than I had before. I am more productive when I sit down to do my homework:) And although I am giving up Facebook, I am also taking on something. Taking more time for myself in my day, quiet time to rest and be alone in silence, is a sacrifice for me. I love to be with people and constantly surrounded by activity. However, I am personally suffering from not taking time to rest in my life. I go to sleep too late and always put others' needs above my own. I'm worried this is making me sound selfish because I'm wanting to take more time for myself but I am still spend the majority of my time with others. My challenge for Lent is to take 30 mins a day to be alone or a quick power nap, or something that allows my body to rest for a bit. I love to be running all the time but I am going to overwork myself and exhaust myself. This is a sacrifice for me, taking time away from being with and pouring into others. And, I am loving not being on Facebook!
The Lord has spoken to me about rest a number of times since last Tuesday when I spoke to Shari about taking on this challenge of resting everyday. It has been incredible to see the ways God has spoken to me about REST.

PS--it's Pi Day! (3.14) We are making Grasshopper Pie tonight as a celebration! hehe yummy Oreo crust, mint chocolate chip ice cream, whip cream, and chocolate syrup, can't go wrong in an all girls dorm!!

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