Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Night Out on the Town

Yesterday Hannah and I were itching to go off campus so her sister Jessica drove up and took us to Chick-fil-a for dinner then we went to LA. We went to a little ice cream shop called Diddy Riese's! It was $1.50 for an ice cream sandwich!! You got to pick what kind of (fresh!) cookies you wanted and the flavor of ice cream you wanted. We all got chocolate chip cookies with mint ice cream:) SOOO GOOD! (mom you would love this place!) It was a lot of fun! Then we went to the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica and did a little bit of window shopping and walked around. It was really fun! Hannah and I decided that we need to get a life and get out a little more;)
Today is our RA Brittany's birthday. Last night her friends took her out to celebrate at midnight and we were enlisted to decorate her room while she was gone. We called it OPERATION: BIRTHDAY BOMB. Hannah and I put streamers EVERYWHERE, and I mean everywhere! We had balloons and wrote on her window too. We wrote her a little note to read as she walked down the hall. Hannah and I would like to say it was one of our best jobs:) It was a lot of fun too! There were streamers seriously everywhere coming from every direction. You pretty much had to crawl to get anywhere. She was so surprised and really enjoyed it! This morning when we woke up the entire mirror in the bathroom was decorated too! Man we love this girl!!! Today we are going to the beach to play games and hang out. It will be a bit chilly but it's totally worth it! :)
Oh and I've been trying to get homework done. With so much excitement in the air it's kinda hard but I'm slowly getting through it. Right now I'm making flashcards for the midterm I have this week:)

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