Saturday, March 26, 2011


GREATEST. BIOLA. EVENT. EVER. No joke, this is the greatest thing! Mock Rock is kind of like a talent show with very elaborate dance routines with groups of up to 60 students. Groups start practicing two months in advance and rehearsals usually are in the middle of the night. When the event gets close performers are up all hours of the night preparing. These 10 minute routines are amazing to watch! A series of songs is remixed and students make their own props and costumes. Every act has a central theme that they choose music clips to go along with. One of the coolest things is most of the students are not dancers but look soooooo good when they perform! I was very impressed! The top 3 winners were my personal fave:) We got in line at about 4pm and doors opened at 8. The gym was jam-packed and the energy was high. It was such a cool atmosphere to be in! Seriously this is probably my favorite event and most likely always will be. Next year I plan to be in one. When we got back last night we did a mini-ballet lesson in the hall because we saw girls doing turns in some of the numbers. It was so nice to do a little bit of dancing! And we had a mini-dance party in my room(after quiet hours!!!--that's the best time to have them!) So basically, Mock Rock was the coolest thing and is one the most anticipated events of the year. I loved it so much! Hannah said I would and that it was going to probably be my favorite thing..she was right! Next year I really, really hope to dance in one!

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