Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Me and Joshua at 2am

Tomorrow I have my project on the book of Joshua due. It's a good book but I've just been so busy I feel like I haven't really had the time to spend on that I should/want to. I'm currently sitting in the hallway freezing my booty off trying to finish. I'm not the only one still up. There is another girl sitting at the end of the hall working too and I'm sure sure students all over campus are racing to finish. Oh joy! My goal is to be in bed by 3 or 3:30. Hoping that happens! Dad says I've been slacking on the blog posts in there hasn't been a new one everyday for a few days now. Geeeeez dad! I have an education I'm trying to earn here! I had a pretty good day. The food was so fantastic in the caf today. Just great food at lunch and dinner:) I had observations in Mrs. Wheatley's class and got to read and help kids for an hour and a half. What a great way to start my day! I went to the grocery store and grapes were on $0.99 a pound! (soooo great!) And much to my surprise, my friends Meaghan, Tabby, and Kaylie came to visit me at school today! So great to see them this afternoon:) How fantastic! Well I must finish up my worksheet on Joshua and get to bed soon because I have class in less than 6 hours! Yay!

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