Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nasty Ice Cream

All of Alpha was so kindly woken up to a fire alarm at 9am this morning. It was a good thing it went off or I would not have gotten up at a decent hour. After almost an hour, the building was cleared and we were allowed back into our rooms. After wasting too much time, I went to brunch with friends. I went back to my room and killed more time and finally got the energy to take a shower. After my shower I was a bit more productive. I did my devotion, cleaned and vacuumed my room, did a homework assignment, and got ready. Most of us are feeling very lazy today and the weather is not helping because it is gloomy and all we want to do is lay around all day. Lenny and I decided maybe we should to go the library to get work that's where we currently are. We thought maybe we should get ice cream from the vending machines in the library. So we did. I tried to get five different things and they were all out. So I ended up getting this NASTY strawberry fruit bar thing that had frostbite all over it. Lenny made me eat it. It was really hard to eat..she got a soggy drumstick. Oh man that was a mistake. The machine was really weird. It had this vacuum thing that would suck up the one you chose and then drop the ice cream through the door for you to get it. It was very odd. Because that was basically a failed attempt at a decent snack, Maddy bought something else, but first had to get change for her $ all quarters! haha Then we got Cheez-its and Famous Amos cookies:) can't go wrong there! Now we are both blogging and not doing our homework in the basement of the library. We will soon be getting dinner and watching a movie or Gilmore Girls I'm sure instead of doing homework. Oh joy!

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