Thursday, May 26, 2011

Student Development Intern

This past year I have really enjoyed working with the Event Society. I have learned a lot from working with UCM (University Communications and Marketing). Next year I will be a paid intern with UCM/Event Society and work under Student Development. I am really excited! I get an office and official nametag:) Dorky to be excited about those things but I cannot wait!! I get to plan Awareness Weeks on campus for students as well as help at other university events. When deciding whether or not to pursue the position, I did a lot of internal battling. But I decided to talk to my boss about it and pursue it. Even though I'm not a marketing major, I would still get to do the kind of things I love to do (event planning, organizing, meeting people, etc) while pursuing my career in Elementary Education!!! I'm really excited! This afternoon I went in for a meeting with Victoria (my boss). As I was walking to Metzger, I got really nervous and worried that she would say she didn't want to hire me. Then I saw a butterfly flutter by. Butterflies are not something you see very often but they are simply beautiful when you do. Every time I see a butterfly, I know it is a little reminder of God's beauty, grace, and sovereignty. I instantly had peace. The butterfly flew past me and towards Metzger ahead of me. I knew that was God going ahead of me into that meeting. It was so amazing! Next semester is going to be challenging but God never gives us more than we can handle. I'm really excited about this new position and being a Senator with AS. I'm also hoping to do Eagle Host on the side as well because I still love hosting students!

Now I'm listening to my Disney pandora station (it is delightful!) wishing I was at Disneyland watching a parade. Or I could go for a beach trip right now too:) Just 3 more nights, 2 graduation ceremonies, and 1 homework assignment stand between and summer vacation! [oh and a whole lotta packing :/ ]

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