Monday, May 16, 2011


Because it was a long, tedious, (although very enjoyable) semester and year, I thought I would make a small purchase for myself as a reward for finishing strong. I think it is something I am going to do each year. Just something small, $15 or less.
This is my most recent online purchase. I really like shopping online and getting a little pink slip in my mailbox to pick up my treasure makes me happy! This is a Vera Bradley ID holder and it replaces my Biola one. Although my Biola one was nice and perfect for this year, because it fit so much, I put lots of important things in it. If I ever lost it, I'd be in big trouble. So I bought this one for 3 reasons.
1. It was smaller and only fit the essentials.
2. It was more sophisticated than the Biola one.
3. It was adorable!

My obsession of the week: Vera Bradley products. I want a new Vera Bradley backpack that is absolutely adorable but I will have to save up my money this summer if I want to buy it.
This is the backpack I really want. I know it doesn't match my ID thing but it's still cute:)

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