Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Gilmore Girls

On our floor lots of people are obsessed with what we like to call Gilmies. There are at least 4 people who own all 7 seasons on DVD, my roommate included. Last semester Hannah and Kelsey got me hooked. I started season 1 one day, loved it and slowly tried to make my way through the season. There are 22 episodes a season totaling to about 18 hours for one season. So you do the math...7 seasons, 18 hours each, that equals about 126 hours! EEEEEK! But I did it over the course of the entire year and watched 5 of the 7 seasons on Christmas and Spring Break. My friend Lenny watched all 7 seasons THIS SEMESTER!!! Crazy! Last night Lenny, Kelsey and I went to Kelsey's {NEW APARTMENT!!!} and watched the end of the Girls. I'm sad. I'm really going to miss them:( I know dad, you think I'm ridiculous..I loved them! My favorite experience watching Gilmore Girls was one day last semester, Kelsey and I were sitting on her couch in her room, listening to the pouring rain, sipping chai (my first time! Loved it!!) and cuddling under a warm blanket and the power went out! My second favorite experience while watching Gilmies was sitting in the laundry room one night with Lenny watching two GREAT episodes. I think season 4 and season 7 were my favorite. A lot of people did not like season 7. I could have used a little more closure but I thought it was a pretty decent ending. I really, really like the Gilmore Girls and find myself making a reference to them often..Sorry! I definitely had my favorite "Gilmies" moments:
1. When Rory is mad at Jess and they through deviled eggs from Chris's girlfriend's baby shower at his car in the town square and then pretend they are all sneaky and bad and make their own screeching noises as they speed off
2. When Rory, Lorelai, Emily, and Richard are leaving on their road trip to Yale, and Emily tells Lorelai that she can't drink coffee in her car so she sticks her head out the window like a dog so she can drink it
3. Rory and Lorelai have to attend 4 Thanksgiving dinners. Rory asks her mom how they are going to eat four whole Thanksgiving dinners and Lorelai answers, "We've been training for this our whole life!" Later when they go shopping for food to take to dinner Rory asks what's on the list? Tums? Lorelai answers, "Eh, no, those are amateur pills". They eat so stinking much and are the tiniest girls!
4. When Lorelai's car breaks down she said she will ride her bike to work. There is a funny scene when she is riding her bike down the street and there is a basket on the front and it has flowers on it and she is wearing this ridiculous shirt with huge puffy sleeves. It just cracks me up! Maddy didn't like this scene.
5. [important information::: Christopher and Lorelai are done, Luke and Lorelai kind of have their flirty thing going on again] One night the whole town goes to Karaoke night and Rory wants Lorelai to go up and sing. After a few drinks she agrees to do it and goes up to sing "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston (I think) and Luke walks in and it turns in to a serenading thing and they make eye contact and the moment is just perfect! I loved this one!!
6. At the very, very end of season 7, aka the very end of Gilmore Girls, Rory is offered a job and has to leave 3 days after graduating from Yale. The town was going to have a party for Rory the following weekend but now there wasn't time. So overnight, Luke holds a secret town meeting and plans the entire party in Town Square as a surprise for Rory and Lorelai. When they discover that rain was coming, Luke collected all the tarps in town and stayed up all night sewing them together to make a tent so they could have the party. The party has everyone from town that has watched her grow up and I love the magical moment they all have before Rory leaves!!
AHHHHH man I love the Girls. It was good to spend this year with them:) Thank you Kelsey and Maddy for watching them with me!

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