Saturday, August 20, 2011

Macbook Pro

So I have recently made a GREAT purchase! I got a Macbook Pro at the end of the summer before I left for school. I. ABSOLUTELY. LOVE. IT. Gosh it is so fun and wonderful and fast and great! I thought I would have trouble switching from my PC but it has been such a wonderful transition:) I had a beloved Toshiba for three and half years and it was GREAT. I wanted to upgrade to a Mac because they are really fun and a lot of people at school and work have them and it would just make things easier for that. Dad was not too hot on the idea of a Mac but he still admits it's pretty cool;) I just love that! I still have my Toshiba because I'm not completely ready to let it go. It was so good to me the last few years and was with me for my first year of Biola! It will take some time to part with it. But for now I am absolutely LOOOOOOVING my Macbook Pro. I have an adorable vinyl decal, shell, and case for it!

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