Sunday, May 15, 2011


I don't really have anything new to post about lately. Sorry I have not been updating regularly. The only things really going on around here is LOTS of working out at the gym, eating healthy, there are lots of birthdays on our floor and we are all studying a lot. We only have one week of classes left and then finals and there are just lots of things to get done! I have printed many, MANY assignments that are 15-25 pages and I just feel like I am killing the earth:( I wouldn't say I'm an environmental activist but I do respect our planet and try to turn lights off when I leave the bathroom, recycle cans, use reusable water bottles, and save paper(and my ink!!). With the end of the year so close people are starting to pack their room up:( I have boxes in my room..they are empty. I'm not ready to pack. It's going to be really sad when we all go home and won't be living here on SOUL together anymore:( Finals shouldn't be too hard though and pay day is this week! WOOT WOOT!! The year should end on a good note! We have our final floor event this Friday and it will be a wonderful, delight, magical, emotional time of reminiscing about this past year:)

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