Monday, May 2, 2011

Beauty of God's Creation

Today is an absolutely GORGEOUS day!!! The sun is shining, flowers are blooming and the birds are singing. I so wish I had time to sit by the fountain today but I don't:( This semester I have had many opportunities to appreciate the beauty of God's creation:  I got to play in the mud:) Our floor went on a hike. (One of my new favorite things to do!) The weather has been AMAZING here. Each night I try to look at the moon and see the few stars that are visible from our very well lit campus. I've spent some time at the beach. And after camping last week I have an even greater appreciation for nature! God is such an artist. I love being able to wake up each morning and see God's masterpiece. It is such a breathtaking sight when we take the time to stop and realize what we are surrounded by. I am very excited to get to work at camp this summer and spend lots of time in nature, embracing all it has to offer us. When we were camping last week, I went for a little walk on the beach and sat on the rocks while the waves were crashing and the sun was setting. Talk about breathtaking! The God who created the crashing waves and the ocean breeze, also knows everything about me, where I am and where I'm going and loves me. When we realize this, how can we not stand in awe of our God and praise Him and give thanks despite our current circumstances? I hope you have time to appreciate the beautiful creation that you are surrounded by today:)

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