Monday, May 2, 2011


I LOVE CAMPING!!!! Over spring break, a group of 10 of went to Carlsbad beach and camped for two nights. The girls slept in a tent, and the boys slept in the trailer. (Something wrong with that picture? I think so!) The girls decided we wanted the full camp experience so we chose to sleep on the ground. We got to go to the beach for 3 days and it was so so sooooo nice! We played in the water, layed in the sun, played volleyball, frisbee, and smashball(my personal favorite game!) We also played this game called BANG! for hours. It was so much fun! And we ate good food thanks to my neighbor Torrey:) Of course there was time around the fire and hanging out. We didn't really have to shower for 3 days and it was glorious! However the girls did quick make-shift showers in the faucet by our site:) It was so great to spend time with friends and relax at the beach:) I just really love camping! :D On Thursday when we left, we went to the beach by Ari's house. Katelyn and I also spent the night at Ari's and watched 3 movies,ate ice cream, and kind of slept ;P It was so fun to just hang out and relax with Katelyn and Ari. Man I love those girls!! I had such a nice spring break and I really, really enjoyed it! So great:) I also enjoyed my time at home helping mom in her class and spending time with my family:) It was nice but now that we're back at school it is really hard to get motivated to do work:( We only have three more weeks and then finals week and my first year of college is done! Crazy to think about that! This morning I woke up on time, refreshed and ready to go. I was a tad surprised! But I am looking forward to this last month:) Have a wonderfully, sunshiny day!

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