Saturday, May 21, 2011

An Eventful Day/Night!

I LOVE SCRAPBOOKING! Yesterday Katelyn, Ari, and I put together 2 scrapbooks for our RA's in less than 24 hours!! My room looked like a bomb went off in it for a little bit but I seriously enjoyed every minute of it. All week I had been looking forward to Thursday night because I was going to be pulling a scrapbooking all nighter! I ended up going to bed at 4am. It was a lot of fun to collect letters and pictures from everyone on our floor and surprise Brittany and Kelsey with the books. Last night we had our final floor event:( We had a bonfire on McNally and made s'mores, did a little worship, laughed, and cried. It was seriously such a great night and I didn't want that moment to end with us all there together. Even though when I was planning this little event Brittany and Kelsey told me this night was not about them, it was most definitely our way of simply thanking them for such a great year:)
My Friday didn't end there. Kate has been itching to go "chalking" around campus so we though that we should go around campus and encourage students with uplifting messages on the ground. Katie, Hannah, Kate and I went out and did a little art:) We were a little worried about Campus Safety catching us and telling us we couldn't do it but they didn't!..well kinda. We made a new friend with one of the officers David(DON'T WORRY MOM AND DAD WE DID NOT GET BUSTED OR ANYTHING!) and he really liked what we were doing. He just said we needed to keep our art confined to the area by the dorms, not all over campus. We can do that! When we got bored of chalking (around 1am), we decided we definitely needed some we went and got burgers! After our little adventure to In-n-Out, we came back with the intention of going to bed. Wellllll, Ari had just come home and she wanted to make more s'mores in the kitchen. So we did! Katelyn, Ari, and I spent time laughing and cooking in the kitchen. When we had eaten all the leftover marshmallows and chocolate, Ari was craving graham crackers and peanut butter. Lucky for her I had those things in my room! Much to our surprise, they tasted like Nutter Butters! Then we found brown sugar in the kitchen and you add a little bit of that and MMMMMM...homemade Nutter Butters. After eating everything we had...we went back to our floor and were laying out in the hall talking and Katelyn got cold. So she got a blanket. Then we wanted a we got pillows..and we all ended snuggling in the hallway. Just a side is about 4am at this point. So once we get all situated and warm and are still half-talking..Katelyn is just about OUT!..Ari and I fall asleep and we end up sleeping in the hallway! That was definitely NOT our intention! But an adventure nonetheless:) It was not very comfortable but we were all so exhausted we didn't really want to move. Around 7am Katelyn went into bed. Ari and I both woke up around 7:30 and decided we should go to bed..but I didn't really want to climb up my bed so I slept on Ari's couch. We woke up around 11:30 and ran to lunch. 'Twas a grand adventure! What I thought would simply be a nice night of reminiscing about the year and living together on SOUL with sisters turned into a memorable night of laughing/crying, shenanigans, and staying up waaaaaay too late! Man I love college! Especially finals week:)

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