Monday, May 9, 2011

Flower Power

I have a new obsession. Yesterday I went home and surprised mom for Mother's Day. She was exhausted from working the carnival at school on Saturday and took a nap. (probably the best way to reward her for Mother's Day!) Emily and I discovered this thing called HEADBANDS with FLOWERS. I playfully put one on my head when I got home and it set us off in a craft frenzy! Emily and I went to Target, Walmart, and Joann's to get headbands and fake flowers. Then we went home and glued them all together. While I was getting the glue gun, I left my [new and oh so wonderful!] camera sitting on the table and Emily took 35 pictures of herself! She sure does love the camera and attention! And I love her! She's so cute:) and delightful:) We ended up making 10 headbands! It's kind of a new look for me, a tad bold for my personal fashion style, but fun nonetheless! Here are some pictures from our adventures yesterday:)


I left her alone with the camera..big mistake

Gotta love that face:)

These are some of the ones we made!

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