Saturday, August 20, 2011

Palm Springs

On Tuesday and Wednesday for work, we went to Palm Springs to work at the Faculty Conference. It was so much fun! We helped put together conference packets for 300 people and registration for all the full time professors and their families! I really enjoyed seeing my teachers with their kids and spouses. It was a unique opportunity that not every student gets. While in Palm Springs, we had some adventures of our own when we weren't working. That included getting locked out of our room!!! I accidentally demagnetized the room key with my name tag. Late at night(well not too 10ish) we were all in our PJs and had gone down to Victoria's room. When we get back we realized that we had a problem. We went to the front desk and the guy demanded our ID. Obviously we didn't have it because it was locked in our room. They called Victoria and they wouldn't let her vouch for us. It was so ridiculous and he finally le t us verify the address on the reservation but he was kind of jerky to us. He told us to put the key in wrong. It was a hilarious experience and we took pictures once we got back in the room. Man I just love my job and the girls I work with!!!! God is so good:)

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