Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yellow Brick Road

As I was sitting on my couch just now an image popped into my head. I pictured Dorthy (from the Wizard of Oz) looking for something. She is sent down the yellow brick road in search of what her heart wants most. Along the way she meets many people who impact her life, some positively and some negatively. She comes across some obstacles and people who are working against her and trying to distract her and keep her from reaching where she is headed. Once Dorthy overcomes the hardships and has her new trusty friends with her, she reaches the Emerald City. The Emerald City is even prettier than she imagined. When she meets the Wizard, he grants her wish and fulfills the desires of her heart, to be home.
Aren't we all a little like Dorthy? Aren't we all traveling down a road in search of our heart's desire? And at the end of the road is a beautiful place that exceeds all our expectations? And the Wizard like God? He's the person we are in search of on our entire journey looking for Him to fulfill the desires of our hearts, longing to meet Him face to face. The Emerald City is like heaven, a beautiful and magical land where peace, joy, love, and happiness dwell. We are on a road, on our way to the City and along the way we meet people who take the journey with us, who need us to help them get there and we need them. Sometimes there are forces working against us but we overcome those obstacles and are able to get where were are going. In the end we come face to face with the One who is capable of far more than we can ever imagine.
Not sure if this all makes sense, but when it popped into my head this afternoon, it was a pretty cool things to picture:)

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