Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lifestyle Choice

In our lives, we can make a lot of choices. Good choices, not so good choices. wise choices, not the wisest of choices. One day last year, I remember a speaker coming to Chapel who said that we have a choice. Being a Christian is a choice. But it’s not a choice to dress one way or another, it’s not a choice to do something or not to do something, it’s more than a choice to go to church on Sundays and pray before meals, it’s a LIFESTYLE CHOICE. I don’t remember who the the speaker was, when they came, or what they spoke on, but the one thing that stuck out to me was that they said being Christian is a lifestyle choice. Last night on my run I was thinking. I actually thought about a lot of things. But one thing I thought of and that I really want to constantly remind myself of is that’s I’m not Christian. I am a follow of Christ. There are so many denominations and different beliefs and rituals that I feel like people care more about how they do things or what other people think about their religion than they care about their own relationship with Son of God. I admit, sometimes I am guilty of this! But when people ask me if I’m Christian, I want to respond, I’m a follow of Christ. Some people go through a season in their life where they can’t go to church because they don’t have the means to do so. Does that mean they aren’t Christians? Are they bad Christians? No. As long as they continue to pursue a personal relationship with God and are living the way He has called us to live, they are still followers of Christ. Not one of us is better than the next man because we go to church, or we volunteer at VBS, or we read our Bibles everyday or we are a good pray-er..we are all sinners. We all need the blood of Jesus and God is the only one who can pass judgement on anyone. Who are we to think that we have any authority to do that? Sometimes we get caught up in the world and how it tells us we should go about life. Funny thing..we are not from this world! We do not belong here! Why should we live according to it’s rules? We were meant rest on the shores of Eternity with our Heavenly Father. While we are here living on this Earth, we need to keep our eyes fixed on the One who gives us life and is preparing a path for us. Now that I’ve rambled on and on about a bunch of stuff, the bottom line is, this life we lead is lifestyle choice. What kind of choice are you going to make?

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