Saturday, August 20, 2011

Moving In

I FINALLY finished unpacking on Thursday!! I had boxes every where for the first few days I was here and it drove me nuts. It took me forever for some reason. I really like my room this year! I have a delightful couch and little coffee table and my roommate Holly is bringing curtains when she moves in tomorrow!! I've had my own room for a week but I can't wait for her to get here tomorrow!!!
Yesterday I helped students move in for two hours and I just LOOOOOOVED seeing people moving in for the first time! It warmed my heart:) It's kind of weird how much you can tell about a person by the way they packed or the things they packed or how much they brought! Everyone is starting to to settle in and parents said goodbye tonight. I went around meeting some girls on my floor and I LOVE THEM ALLLLLLL! It's going to be a great year:)

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