Monday, February 7, 2011


My dear roommates are so sweet and planned a surprise for my birthday for when we returned to school with all our friends! Yesterday when I was gone for church Hannah and Ciara decorated my bed and had an evening of activities planned. We played games with our friends and went to dinner with a huge group of 15 people! Then we went to BJ's for pazookies:) SOOOO YUMMY! We ordered lots of pazookies and had fun pretending we were actually paying attention to the Super Bowl game. And we ended the night at Singspo which I missed so much and it was soooo amazing!
It was a wonderful day filled with the people I love:) I am so blessed and thankful that God has blessed me with such a loving, caring group of friends! If I had to use only one words to describe how I felt(other than MAGICAL beacause we all know that's my favorite way yo describe things..) I'd have to say I was full of pure JOY.

Here are some pictures from yesterday:
My bed. Thanks Hannah and Ciara:)

Erin, Lenny, and Ruth

The big pazookie that we ate.

We had 4 mini pazookies as well.

We devoured all the food on our table!

The whole group! So much fun! Love these girls! Yay for SOUL sistas:)

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