Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy One Month Anniversary!

Well Monday marked the one month anniversary of my time here!  This week has been absolutely fantastic! I had a wonderful Monday, easy Tuesday, got a big "through the door" package on Wednesday and three letters and another package today in the mail!  I love getting mail:) so so soooo much! Mom sent me lots of fun fall stuff for my room! The girls in my hall particularly like the candy dish by the door. Mom also sent me apples for my door to put up for fall! Hannah and I decorated the door last night! It was a lot of fun:) I can't wait for October when we get to put pumpkins up!!

A lot has happened here since my last post! Last Monday our RA's woke us up at 6am and our floor went and stood in a circle by the fountain and talked about what community means to us and we all were connected by a continuous piece of yarn. When everyone shared their definition of community, we cut the string and now we all have bracelets to remind us of that magical moment we shared and to pray for our floor.  We also prayed with someone on the floor we didn't know very well. While we were doing this, the sun was rising and most of campus was still asleep.  I loved it! After that, we headed back towards the dorm and when we turned the corner by Emerson, our brother floor, MOLE, was standing there dressed up waiting to take us to breakfast.  They took us to the caf and we sat down and they went and got us breakfast.  It was funny the girl to guy ratio was 2:1..big surprise! I had to leave to run to class at 8:00 but it was fun to be with my Soul Sisters and get to know our Mole Brothers a little bit. (and of course eat nasty greasy caf breakfast--can't beat that! lol)  Our brother floor also takes our trash out after Singspo on Sunday nights too! Later that morning, Leeland was leading worship in chapel! It was an awesome time with God and the gym was jam packed! I almost didn't go because I'm not a big fan of Leeland but I'm glad I did! (FYI--Leeland is a Christian band from TX)  Last week we made a late night Walmart run(probably the first of many).  Kelsey took us in her car Florence(we prayed for her before we left!). We all got $0.50 ice cream! hehe On Thursday a girl on my floor, Ruth, cut my hair! She cut three inches off and did layers and it looks amazing! She is sooo good! We started a little business for her and now she has three appointments this weekend! Last Friday, my friends Katie, Becca, and I went down to San Clemente to get Rainbow Sandals! It was pretty cool! I'm going to have them to go throughout my college years with me:) I'm very excited to take this journey with them!  I still want to name them but haven't really decided on names yet. hehe Oh, I made White Chocolate Popcorn for the girls on my floo and they all really liked was just a little appetizer to prepare them for what I would be coming back with after I went home!

I went home this last weekend to see my family for the first time since I have moved in.  I really enjoyed seeing them and going to church.  I surprisingly did not miss my bed as much as I thought I would! It was so nice to eat mom's food!! Although I love the caf, NOTHING can beat my mom's cooking:) Mom also baked allllll weekend for me!  She made Cowboy cookies, lots of Magic Cookie Bars(a floor favorite!--they call them 7 Layer Bars here..not as magical in my opinion!), Puppy Chow, and Banana Nut Bread. Mmmmmm! Soooo good! For some crazy reason everyone is kind of on this "no sugar" kick and I told them they can't do that until we eat all the food in my room. lol. 

This week our floor Bible Study started.  I love it! It's Monday nights:)  We will be going on our floor retreat soon too! (We are still looking for a house/cabin/place to go--hit me up on facebook if you have a place we can go;) )  Oh, and my roommates and I joined a flag football team.  Our neighbor Torrey started a team.  She saw Ciara playing soccer one night and thought she would be a nice addition to the team.  Then she asked all of us to join...she didn't realize Hannah and I are performers. At least Hannah can touch the ball.  Me not so much. I AM SUCH A GIRL!! It's worse than I thought! I jumped up to catch the ball and pointed my toes.  I run like a dancer too. Oh my!  It's going to be fun though! At least we have some good people on our team.  I'm just really there for moral support and to cheer them on! I learned one very important thing from Coach K at practice last night: "snap every snap, like it's your last snap".  That's all I need to know. hehe  We have our first two games this weekend!  Besides football, this weekend is going to bring lots of studying for me! I have my first two real tests this week and I have lots of studying and other homework to do. Even though I have a lot of schoolwork to do this weekend, the way I like to look at it is I only have to go to classes 16 hours a week and then with homework, I'm only "doing school" about 20-25 hours a week! The rest of the time I'm spending gettin to know amazing people and grow in my relationship with Christ!

Happy fall to all of you! Hopefully we will get some "semi-fall" weather this year in California! (I can't wait for scarf season!)  No matter what this season brings weather-wise, embrace all God blesses you with in this season in your life.

Lots and lots of love,
(Photo credits to Kaitlyn Ingram)

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