Friday, September 3, 2010

And So it Begins!

I have been here at Biola for two weeks now and it has seriously been beyond magical! I am loving being here and it feels like I have been here way longer than two short weeks.  Move in and opening weekend were super fun and I have enjoyed getting to know girls on my floor.  My favorite thing from opening weekend was when President Dr. Barry Corey (a.k.a. DBC) said "Disneyland is only 11 miles away and it claims it is the happiest place on earth but I believe this is the happiest place on earth." When I was sitting there hearing that, I thought, this guy has no idea who he is talking to or what he is talking about! Within 24 hours I had decided that DBC was right and I knew this was going to be an amazing adventure filled with many  magical moments.  I have enjoyed EVERY single thing that has happened until now and I can't wait to see what God has instore for the next year and the rest of my time of Biola. :) 

I live in Alpha 2nd West "SOUL" with two wonderful roommates Ciara and Hannah(not the one in the picture above, there are 2 Hannahs on my floor). We have had lots of laughs and so much fun. We get along so well! Our room is super cute and all coordinated! We make our beds everyday and our room is always clean.  We like to have our door open so people can stop by and talk. In addition to my roommates, I have met so AMAZING girls on my floor.  We already are super close and we've only had one floor event.  I love my RA's to pieces. They are two wonderful women of God who work so well together and compliment each other perfectly. I am so lucky God put me on this floor.  Even though 2nd West is the best, I have met other people (and RAs) who I also love! This is going to be such an awesome year!!  I feel so blessed to be here in this place at this time with all these people I love.  God could not have put me in a better place for this year.  I feel like I am right where I belong and I couldn't be happier. :)

Classes started last Wednesday.  My first college class ever, World Civilizations II, scared me with lots of work and reading but he let us out of class two hours early! I have four classes on Wednesday and it's my busiest day of the week.  Luckily, Thursdays are my favorite day of classes and I have it after a busy, crazy day.  Foundations of Christian Thought is my favorite class!  My teacher opens the class with a worship song and prayer and his lectures are awesome! My second favorite class is my First Year Seminar for my major.  Can you imagine a room full of 30 freshmen Communications majors? It's a bit crazy! hehe.  I switched into an 8am english class and I love my professor:)  My Music Apprection class is interesting and not my favorite but I could be in Art Appreciation like my roommate from 7-10pm. So glad I'm not! My Psychology professor is very funny and great! I love how passionate he is about teaching.  That class has about 400 people in it and we have these cool little clicker things. I love using them! hehe

Chapel here is amazing! I love being in the gym with other students worshiping our God.  It is such an awesome experience:) Right now we are doing a short series on John 1.  On Sunday nights we also have a service called Singspiration (aka Singspo) and it's all worship music for an hour. It is a great way to start(or end) the week, depending on how you look at it.  I love how much God is present here.  I can see Him everywhere I go.  I love that every single one of my classes talks about God and how He works in that subject.  I just love how much God is here! I overhear so many conversations about God and His work.  It is wonderful!

If you know me, you know I like shenanigans! ;)  One of my RA's, Brittany, loves pranks and shenanigans! Hehe we are going to have lots of fun this year! We are in a little war now.  I post-it noted her room one night. OOPS! Then took her whiteboard markers and sent her on a scavenger hunt to find them around Alpha.  It was great! My roommates and I are waiting for her to retaliate. I have a feeling it's going to be big.

We've also been working out, stretching, and running about three times a week.  The gym isn't open yet but we like going out on the track. I ran 1.3miles last night!  A couple girls go out and run for awhile.  I just made a new playlist on my ipod.  I like it! 

On Wednesday night, I watched the Disneyland fireworks from the balcony of the library! It wasn't the best view but we could see them! It was a nice night with my RA, Kelsey.  We went and got London Fogs, some fancy drink Kelsey got me, then sat by the fountain and talked.  It was really nice. :)  And Brittany and I went and got lunch one day this week.  I love, love, love, my RA's!!

One last thing, I watched High School Musical 3 last Friday night with some girls who love it just as much as I do! (Is that possible?!)  I was singing and dancing to High School Musical 1 this week in my room and got really excited and went in the halls and got some funny No surprise there! These people think they understand I like HSM but I don't think they are fully aware of my obsession!!

I love everything about being here and it really is more magical here than at Disneyland! Speaking of Disneyland, we are going tomorrow! I will try to keep you posted on all our magical adventures here!  I will be sure to tell you all about my new friends too! I love you!!


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