Friday, September 10, 2010

My Week in Review

Well the last week was fun and somewhat eventful! We went to Disneyland on Saturday, which much to our surprise was practically empty!  Both my roommates bought their season passes:) Sunday we slept in and went to a later church service which I feel was a very smart move.  Monday was very relaxed with the campus almost dead.  I did some "crafts", if you could even call them that.  Just cutesy little things like you all know I love to do.  Tuesday was fabulous because I only had one class! I spent the afternoon doing some homework.  My RA and I actually sat on the same couch at the same time and did our homework without talking! It was a miracle moment.  It was dead silent.  I was reading this very boring book called Origins of the Modern World and it was super boring and put me to sleep more than once then stumbled across the very magical word "magical"! hehe. Then I knew why God was making me read that book, just so I could read that one sentence! lol.  Wednesday brought a day full of classes and tiredness. Wednesdays are never fun.  I went to After Dark this week, a chapel service on Wednesday nights.  I really liked it:) Then Thursday rolled around! I have my two favorite classes and I get to sleep in a bit!  Plus Nationball was last night.  I knew we had no chance in the world and we were going to lose even if the other team had their eyes shut because we were all girls and more than half of us couldn't throw a ball.  I didn't care about winning, to me it was more about seeing all the school spirit! And there was so much of it! Almost like HSM but everyone in their dorm colors.  The most fun was dressing up and getting face paint and a mini (spontaneous) dance party to get people pumped up!  I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. I was kind of sad to see the commuter students win again because it would have been nice to mix it up! They only won because they have so many people.  I can't wait until MIDNIGHT MADNESS which I hear is a lot like High School Musical!!! Everyone with their Biola spirit and dressed in red and white!! Wow I am going to enjoy that soooo much! Talk about magical! I'm still waiting for everyone in the cafeteria to break out in song.  There are round tables so everyone should just know to start singing and dancing right? haha.  Although I'm not living in High School (well, College) Musical, it's fun to dream and dance around!  Back to my week, last night Nationball ended at like 12:30 and I wanted to bust a paper out because I knew I wouldn't want to do it today so I stayed up until 3:30am and then slept in:) oh I LOVE no Friday classes!! It's a 3-day weekend every weekend!  And we are going to Disneyland again tonight! :)
I am still loving being here and super excited about all God has in store for my time here.  I pray your eyes are open to see what God has in store for your lives whatever point you may be at.  Have a safe and blessed weekend:)

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